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Binboa Vodka: Kendi Şişeni Kendin Yarat

A nice stop motion animated spot for Binboa Vodka created and produced at 41? 29! and directed by Asya Leman Sanıtürk. Creative Director: Seren Köroğlu.

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A short film that will be loved by all those who can remember the days of the 8 bit computers: Tetris, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, the Commodore 64, Bomberman and probably more…

The movie has been directed by Patrick Jean and produced at One More Prod. Director of Photography: Matias Boucard.

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Alfa Romeo Mito: Space Invaders

The spot is a nice way to show how the car saves on fuel and reduces pollution. Even though it could also be used to show the exact opposite…

Produced by Stefania Odero at Buddy Film and directed by Alex & Steffen, via Spy Films. Post production: Unexpected. Music by Flavio Ibba. Creative agency: Saffirio Tortelli Vigoriti.

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Dookie Poo: What You`ve Become


Watch as Dookie Poo travels through some of the greatest classic arcade games of all time to save Chorocco Tofu.
The video has been directed by Manny Galán as part of the Dookie-Poo branding project, or whatever it is…
Music by The Montauk Project, that is Rich Albergo and Antonio Gabriele, from Long Island in New York, [...]

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Fujiya & Miyagi – Ankle Injuries

Like pixelated scraps of jazz mags in your head.

A rather entertaining video from the last year, completely animated using only photographs of dices.
Fujiya & Miyagi is an English band formed in Brighton in 2000. Current members are: Steve Lewis, David Best, Matt Hainsby.
Ankle Injuries is featured on their 2006 album, entitled Transparent Things (after Vladimir [...]

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RYAN MCFAUL – The Man Behind the Motion

When is art ever easy?

Well, it’s 8PM and again I haven’t managed to encode a decent clip of the movie I was about to post (not the same as yesterday, though). So here’s a funny mockumentary from the year 2003.
The Man Behind the Motion tells the story of Michael White, motion capture artist, and the [...]

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Children`s Day

Papai criativo…

October 12th is Children’s Day in Brazil, and kids usually write their parents letters saying what they’d like as a present.
The short piece is a reminder that of how fun and exciting animation for those new generation kids can be.
Motion design, animation and sound design by Carlos Baer and Dalton Uehara, directors at Pub [...]

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This is just a Space Invaders game. Redone in stop motion. With people instead of the pixels.
Space Invaders is the second movie in the Game Over series, the first being Pong.
Game Over is a project by Guillaume Reymond and despite of the name and the similarities, has nothing to do with PES‘ Game Over.
Una semplice [...]

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PES – Game Over

The amazing PES reenact Centipede, Pac Man, Frogger, Space Invaders, and other classic videogames in his signature style. The short is an Atom Films Studio release.
PES is based in Harlem, New York. His first animated film, Roof Sex, became an overnight phenomenon and was featured at nearly 100 film festivals worldwide. Since then, PES has [...]

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