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Hey you! Yes, I’m talking with you! Now, take a look at your bedroom and tell me what you see. A joyless bedroom, ain’t it? Now, watch the image below: that’s a bedroom with Joy! Forget all those cheap substitutes like booze, videogames or wives. Get Joy. Only $279,96*. Lines are open.
Directed by Melodie McDaniel, [...]

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A humble servant of one of our finest traditions…

He’s Captain James Fairchild A.K.A. Little Pony, a “cigarette-smoking fighter ace that patrols the skies above a classic American living room on Christmas Eve and is soon engaged in aerial battle with a squadron of hostile flyers” who attempt to spoil the Christmas tree of its star. [...]

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A story about a young mother and the struggles for her unfortunate son.
Directed by Samuel Bayer, the short is part of the Sony Dreams project.
Samuel Bayer is present on this blog with his commercial for The Last War.
Storia di una giovane madre e del suo lottare per il suo sfortunato figlio.
Diretto da Samuel Bayer, il [...]

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Rocky Morton – The M Word

I don’t particularly enjoy sex with you…

Marriage becomes business as usual as a couple decide whether or not they’re a good fit, balancing costs and benefits of their… merger!
Short movie directed by Rocky Morton (Max Headroom) and written by Alan Ball (American Beauty).
The movie is part of Sony Dreams 03: Joy project, a series of [...]

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