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Smilefaucet: Chance

Oh, not the flower, not the flower…
Opening sequence for Smilefaucet’s 2008 short film event and DVD release, Chance.
Made at EatDrink.
Oh, il fiore no, il fiore no…
Sequenza d’apertura per Chance, rassegna (e DVD) di corti di Smilefaucet per il 2008.
Opera di EatDrink.

via Motionographer

DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Chance.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 9 MB - Running Time: 1 [...]

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Smilefaucet Undo: Hadi

Good timing, uh?

Here’s another short movie made for another Smilefaucet DVD (previously: Air)
“Hadi is a project that was inspired by a BBC news podcast detailing the hardships of an Iraqi cab driver.”
The short has been designed, animated, composited and directed by Keith Ehrlich at Big Star for the Undo DVD.
Altro cortometraggio realizzato per un DVD [...]

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Smilefaucet: Air

Smilefaucet is “a seasonal video magazine”. Their latest release is a DVD called Air, and this movie is the title sequence for it. They’re also showcasing the videos featured on the disc all around the U.S.A. Well, almost.
The sequence is short animation “where a little girl goes for a walk in the forest with some [...]

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