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Nobody lives in vain. And sometimes, somebody even manage not to die in vain.

Lest We Forget is a short film starring Mark Ashworth, directed by Brandon McCormick and produced in four weeks at Whitestone.

This film has been made in association with Paste magazine for their Save Paste campaign.

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The Veiled Commodity

Help make modern-day slavery a thing of the past

“The short deals with the past and present day issues of slave labor around the world.”
The film is structured in three parts which employ different techniques to have the message delivered.
Designed and directed by Dickson Chow and Vinh Chung. Additional design: Lynn Wang, Kennis Chow, Rajeswaren Shanmugasundaram.
3D [...]

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Do you hear the Lion roar?

“A Hero (Jackson Walker) comes from the wilderness to cry out to the captives, pleading for them to awaken” and set free from the Villain (Barry Bishop).
A musical movie directed by Brandon McCormick at Whitestone Pictures. I am amazed at the quality he is able to keep on all his [...]

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New York Divided: Slavery and the Civil War

Cotton thread is the union.Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1846
(Excuse the compression. A better clip is available in the links below)

New York Divided is an “exhibit which draws from the New-York Historical Society’s rich collection to explore the turbulent half century of the city’s history with southern slavery.”
The exhibit spans thru several medias, including a website, and [...]

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