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A Bicycle Trip

Basel, 19 April 1943. Dr Albert Hofmann, a chemist, is cycling home after a day’s work in the laboratory. This episode has passed into legend, associated with the discovery of the effects on the human psyche of LSD.

A Bicycle Trip is the amazing short film by Lorenzo Veracini, Nandini Nambiar and Marco Avoletta, three students of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.

Sound Design: Thomas Giorgi. Music: O’zittre nicht mein lieber sohn from W.A.Mozart’s The Magic Flute, re-elaborated by Roberto Boarini.

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Lucien is a short film by three students of Lisaa: Nathalie Corcessin, Djamel Meslem, Pierre-Julien Vandenburie.

Original music by Sylvain Rety.

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VURUP – Insert Coin


The are no extra lives in the real life. Even though there’s a lot of people using cheats.
Insert Coin is a one minute short film by the Vurup collective, which reminded me of Fredric Brown’s short story, Pattern.
Vurup Animación is Gabriel H. Fermanelli, Leonardo Campasso, Bruno Olguín, German de Vivero and Luz Lázzaro.

Non ci [...]

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Fleggaard: Nude Skydive

While topless skydiving sounds like interesting enough, I’ve actually posted this because I love when a golf match get interrupted.

The spot has been directed by Peter Harton and developed at creative agency Uncle Grey, Denmark.

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Flying Lotus – Infinitum

A young archer tests her skill by shooting an arrow at the moon. To her dismay, the moon falls from its perch and into a turbulent sea.

Music video directed by Daniel Garcia and produced at Concentrate and Bent. Director of photography: Zak Mulligan.

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Of Montreal – An Eluardian Instance

An Eluardian Instance is a single from Skeletal Lamping, the ninth studio album by Of Montreal, released for Polyvinyl on October 2008.

The music video has been directed and animated by Jesse Ewles.

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Pigeon Pilfer is a short animated film by Michael Stevenson, his senior film from San Francisco State University.

It was completed in four months with sixty pounds of clay, a digital SLR camera, and one tiny hot room.

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Rhian Sheehan – Standing in Silence Pt. 3 (Niva’s Tune)

The music video has been beautifully animated by Matt Pitt AKA Red Kid One, previously here with Look What You’ve Done.

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Audiotransparent – Vague Millimeter

I never thought the north pole could catch fireBut it did…


“A man is living a solitary life on the roofs of his city. The tragedy that occupies his mind, is constantly feeding the distance he feels towards others. The only place that still reminds him of better times, is in his dreams.” And then, one [...]

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…the answer is blowin’ in the wind.


Here dead we lieBecause we did not chooseTo live and shame the landFrom which we sprung.
Life, to be sure,Is nothing much to lose,But young men think it is,And we were young.
(A. E. Housman)
“The story is about the unexpected meeting between a yellow shirt sailor (responsible for aircraft movement) and [...]

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We assume that mental life is the function of an apparatus to which weascribe the characteristics of being extended in space and of being madeup of several portions: the Id, ego and super-ego.
Freud, An Outline of Psychoanalysis (1940)

When Daniel Dennett said (in his Darwin’s Dangerous Idea) that evolution can be explained using only “cranes” (as [...]

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CISMA – Le sens propre

Oh darling, please don’t eat the yellow snow.

A beautiful short movie where a girl (Mariana Emerick) and her mother (Bete Correia) live in a world where what you see is not what you mean. But still what you get.
Part of the campaign The Shortcut To Brilliant developed by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for Adobe Creative [...]

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IMPACTIST – Parallelostory

Tutto sarebbe avvenuto da un momento all’altro…

A parallel love story that goes beyond physical limits and dimensions. Italo Calvino would like it.
Images and audio created by Impactist, that is Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing.
The title of the song is: Cup of Water Crying (Multiverse Edit), from Impactist’s EP, Color Fields & Wagon Wheels.
Storia d’amore “parallela” [...]

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Made for Each Other: Love and Sockets


The story of little Boris, a light bulb looking for his perfect match.
The spot has been directed by David Lobser and produced at Blacklist.
Executive producers: Adina Sales and Aaron Kisner. Producers: Karen Lawler and Alexander Unick.
Animation: Peter Richardson and Ian Brauner presso Little Sister. Rigging: Gwen Murray, Yaron Canetti. Modeling: David Avetisov. Matte painter: Kristian [...]

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Lobo Gris – Vendaval

Desperté y encontre un hoyo azul,un ave de pie…

“Light and speed that never find each other through time…” That’s when you’re peeking into life from outside.
Music and images by Gustavo de la Torre Casal AKA Lobo Gris. Produced by En Teoría.
“Luce e velocità che non si incontrano mai nel tempo…” Ciò che accade quando si [...]

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