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Pause 2008: Titles

Pause is an event organized by FITC and focused on creative design. The 2008 edition has been held in New York City, yesterday and today.

The titles have been directed by the Battery collective, or BTRY if you prefer, and produced by Suzy Bradshaw at Electric Company.

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A blue planet and some ‘air.

A fascinating voyage in the ordinary seen from a non ordinary point of view. Epidermic, and still deep…
Drift is a short movie by Max Hattler, made with the support of Stadthaus Ulm.
Music by Mark Bowden. Photography by Maja Flink. Animation by Max Hattler and Andrew Denton. Model: Cindy Tippett.
Un [...]

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Girl Flesh

There’s no more deadly place than the skin of a girl. And hurt girls are the deadliest ones! Just watch to believe it!
The 3D animated short is the work by a swedish team of four arists: Ragnar Hultgren, Esther Ericcson (both part of the Fourdim studio), Karl-Johan Forss and Gabriel Jansson, with the music by [...]

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