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TV1: Beach

Delicious summer fruit, hot summer days on the beach and refreshing underwater wonderlands are the protagonists of this ID for TV1 made at sixty40.

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TV1: Celebration

Another ident in the series for TV1 made by sixty40, inspired by the work of PES.

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TV1: Sausage Party

The work of Sixty40, this ident for Australian TV1 celebrates the culture of the backyard barbecue including listening to the cricket, highly flammable accelerants, blokey jostling and impromptu cricket matches.

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Frankie Turns up to The Sausage Party

It’s a long time since I posted a clip for download only, but this one is perfect: it works as a teaser (right now, before the main posts are online) as well as a bonus (after).

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We Save the Children: Clever

Plumpy Nut

Saving the children who are denied proper healthcare, food, education and protection. With peanut butter!
The spot was directed by Simon Robson and produced by Luke Youngman at Nexus Productions.
Animation produced by Libbie Doherty at Sixty40. Graphic design: Dave Hughes. Compositing and animation: Gillian O’Connor, Mark Facchin, Jason Morice, Daniel Fitzgerald, Evan Newby, Guy Jamieson.
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