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Coalition Of The Willing

Coalition of The Willing is a film that discusses how we can use new Internet technologies to leverage the powers of activists, experts, and ordinary citizens in collaborative ventures to combat climate change.

The film has been directed and produced by Knife Party, written by Tim Rayner and crafted by a network of 24 artists from around the world using varied and eclectic film making techniques.

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The Observer Book of Books


Another nice and short clip for another book distributed with The Observer.
Directed by Simon Robson at Nexus.
Altra breve e succosa clip per un altro libro distribuito con The Observer.
Regia di Simon Robson presso Nexus.

via feed

DOWNLOAD: Scarica The Observer Book of Books. [Mirror][Format: Quicktime - Size: 1 MB - Running Time: 10 sec.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica The Observer [...]

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We Save the Children: Clever

Plumpy Nut

Saving the children who are denied proper healthcare, food, education and protection. With peanut butter!
The spot was directed by Simon Robson and produced by Luke Youngman at Nexus Productions.
Animation produced by Libbie Doherty at Sixty40. Graphic design: Dave Hughes. Compositing and animation: Gillian O’Connor, Mark Facchin, Jason Morice, Daniel Fitzgerald, Evan Newby, Guy Jamieson.
More [...]

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Seeds of Change: Blush

Organic, not orgasmic!

Here’s one out of “a set of humorous idents Nexus Productions have created for the organic food company Seeds of Change.”
“Directed by Simon Robson, the idents contain witty and engaging sketches on organic life between a pair of wellington boots…”
Four idents are available on feed.
Eccovi uno di “una serie di umoristici spot che [...]

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Gordon Ramsay`s Kitchen Nightmares: Promo

This time the knives are out…

“Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef based in the UK who likes to say fuck a lot…”
The promo has been produced by Shizuka Hata and directed by Brian Harrington at Channel 4.
Animation was directed by Knife Party’s Simon Robson and produced at Sixty40 by Libbie Doherty. Animators: Daniel Fitzgerald, Jason [...]

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Taking Liberties: The Reichstag Fire


Another clip from Taking Liberties. Some wise men realized that, in order to protect the world from war, they had to protect the citizen for the State.
Motionographer has more clips.
Altra clip tratta da Taking Liberties. Alcuni saggi capirono che per difendere il mondo dalla guerra, bisogna proteggere il cittadino dallo Stato.
Motionographer ha altre clip.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica [...]

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Taking Liberties: Habeas Corpus

In common law, habeas corpus is the name of a legal action or writ by means of which detainees can seek relief from unlawful imprisonment.

Taking Liberties is a book, and now a motion picture, written by Chris Atkins, which examines the British government’s systematic erosion of civil liberties since 1997 thru sometimes shocking, always true, [...]

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SIMON ROBSON – What Barry Says

None of us really matters to them.

A collaboration between Simon Robson and his friend Barry McNamara, this short date back 2003, but nothing changed since then. Nothing.
They started recording a monologue by Barry, about the Imperialism made in U.S.A. and the “Project for the New American Century”.
On what Barry says, Simon developed this animation with [...]

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