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Similo et Similia

Remember the amazing short film Similo? Well, it was actually a teaser for a 25 minutes short film and its authors are collecting funds to complete the post production. So, watch the old short, perhaps read this interview, and then head to Kickstarter.

And for the similia: Ayyaz Waraich (White Red Panic) brought to my attention two new projects. The Divine River, a sci-fi thriller directed by Ayz himself, currently in post production. And Frame 137, directed by Judd Tilyard, produced by Judd and Ayz and based on the work of James O’Barr. Enjoy the trailers and start waiting.

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A love story with a science fiction theme and some scenes that are Not Suitable For Work.
Antarctica, some time in the future. Hebe (Magda Ritz) and Ciro (Benedicto Moya) are spending their vacation. But they’re not an ordinary couple.
Similo has been directed by Bruno Zacharias (also author and co-producer) and MacGregor (also editor and director [...]

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