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The story of Agent Orange Ready revolves around an old Vietnam veteran, who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, and finally has to face his memories which haunt him in the form of surreal mutations. A short animated film by Christian Schlaeffer.

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Lactacyd: Protect Yourself

The spot was directed by Robert Nylund and produced at Fat Fred. Creative agency: Grey, Amsterdam. Director of Photography: Gösta Reiland. Post Production: Valkieser. Editor: Johan Wik. Music: Earforce.

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DAVID KING – zzzZombies

Do you know when you feel tired on monday morning, your arms dangling, the head titled to one side, you walk by little steps without a clear idea of where you’re going. Like a zombie. Then imagine how it feels for a zombie!

A nice animation created with an overhead projector by David King. The music is a version of Varshaver Freylekhs performed by The Klatsh.

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Gay Village 2009: Promo

Everyone is gay.What else could I write?I don’t have the right


Got fetish? ‘Cause there’s a lot in there. Just step in and don’t feel ashamed of enjoying (or of not enjoying.)
A promo for Gay Village directed by Daniele Napolitano at Cut and produced at ANG Creazioni.
Art direction: Stefano Gianfreda. Project manager: Stefano Caridi. Director of [...]

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ABOVE – The Naked Truth

Believe nothing!

“Don’t be shy, take a peek behind the curtain” and find out the truth yourself. You won’t believe what you see…
A street installment by Above to remind us that “the truth hurts, but is all there is”.
Soundtrack: The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Roisin Murphy and J-Live. (Source: Aston) The song [...]

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TIM JOY – Again to Return

Nothing will ever divide us my love.

Peculiar movie with a peculiar format, where what man has joined together, financial crisis separate.
Again to Return is a short film by Tim Joy, featuring Kevin Chap and Cael Barkman. Made for the DVXUser Lossfest contest.
Written by Alex Whitmer and Tim Joy. Produced by Andy Butterfield, Tim Joy, Elin [...]

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Katsue – A Pickled Sunday

Sunday morning in a jarLike a pickled embryonic czar.

The shadow of a mundane monday breaks into the lazy sunday of a disaffected salaryman. Or maybe it’s the opposite?
Katsue is Montonn Jira and Joni Anwar, a pop music group from Thailand.
The music video has been directed by Rupert James and produced at The Human Eye Corporation.
Written [...]

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Hallelujah! Gorilla Revival

I think my venus flytrap is anorexic.

This one doesn’t need any description. Just repeated viewings. Apparently is part 3 of the Catfish with Falcon Wings Trilogy. Will look for the ohter parts.
Directed by Jason LaRay Keener and Jeremiah Ledbetter and produced at Reining Nails with associates Brianna Burton, Ginger Howell and Patsy Smith.
Cast: Savannah Bobo, [...]

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DAMIEN SAINT JACKSON – Trance de muerte

HD Video available in the underneath links

A washed up gunman (Shon Lange) is given one last day to take care of a target he’s supposed to kill.
A 20 minute movie directed Damien Saint Jackson. Written by Damien Jackson and Geoff Reisner. The film was shot in Chicago in 2007, on a basically zero budget.
Produced by [...]

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The Checks – Tired From Sleeping


A man and a woman. In synchronized split screen. An understated, emotional music video, something uncommon nowadays.
The Checks are a New Zealand rock band formed in 2002. Members are: Edward Knowles (vocals), Callum Martin (guitar), Sven Pettersen (guitar), Karrel Chabera Jr. (bass) and Jacob Moore (drums).
Tired from Sleeping is featured on their latest album, entitled [...]

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Brandt: La colocation

La salle de bain…

If I’m gonna live in a shared apartment like that, where will I stick all my books and DVDs. In the washing machine?
The spot has been directed by Keith Bearden (previously here with The Raftman’s Razor) at Mr. Hyde Paris.
The creative agency was DDB Paris. Creative directors: Alexandre Herve, Sylvain Thirache. Art [...]

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Philips: Robot Skin

Shave it baby!!!

By popular request, here’s the spot for the shaving system that every men would buy. Sooooo… Does it ship in Bjork too?
The spot has been directed by Bruno Aveillan and produced at Short Films, London. Director of photography: Philippe Le Sourd.
Creative agency: DDB, London. Creative director: Stuart Buckley. Creatives: Mark Thompson, Dave Newbold.
The [...]

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Warning: graphic scenes.Viewer discretion advised.

NOTE: while re-encoding to MP4 I changed the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 because… well, because it looked the right one. Feel free to correct me on this.
Put together Italo Calvino’s The Cloven Discount, with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and you may get close to the substance of this short movie.
Harvey [...]

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