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VELJKO POPOVIĆ – She Who Measures

Are we truly free? Are our desires truly our own or merely imposed products of the society we live in? The question this film is asking is this: are we slaves to the culture and society we were born in or is there a way to escape after all?

The film has been written and directed by Veljko Popović at Lemonade 3D. Produced at Kenges.

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Protest Obstacles: Grocery Shopping

When those annoying shopping bags get in the way between you and a healthy dose of skating, there’s only one solution: the toilet paper! The spot has been directed by André Maat and produced by William Griffioen at Pool Worldwide.

The video is part of the Protest Obstacles campaign, created at the KesselsKramer agency. Creatives: Ewoudt Boonstra and Zack McDonald. Audio by Massive Music.

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Adelaide Airport: Panda Venture

They’re wild!
They’re mysterious!
They’re the wild and mysterious panda bears!

Win a trip to China and save the pandas from extinction! No? Ok, get extinct with them, then!
A television commercial featuring 1950s Fleischer styled 2D animation, produced at PRA.
Directed by: James Calvert. Advertising Agency: Jamshop.

Vinci un viaggio in Cina e salva i panda dall’estinzione! No? Allora estinguiti [...]

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“Is your inner peace an utopian state until you have finally escaped the grip of the society and its rules? Or is affirmation a faster way to your personal luck? And what are you supposed to do, if you have to answer this question at the age of 12?”

The Forest is a short animated movie by David Scharf.

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Bourbon Shopping: Mandalas

No need to shop around.

A mandala made up of plastic bottles? Why not! And what about sushi? It will open you to a whole lot of brand new perspectives. On shopping.
The spot has been directed by Luiz Evandro and produced at Sentimental Filme, São Paulo.
“It’s made to be exhibited only at the cinemas inside the [...]

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Sony Centre: Magic Bag

All it’s full of Christmas!

The Christmans present that every children would surely like: Mary Poppins’ bag. I can has it?
The spot has been directed by Henrik Hallgren and produced at Atmosfär for creative agency TBWA London.
Post production by Leo Wilk (supervisor) and Emma Rosas Hott (producer) at Swiss.
Computer graphics artists: Stefan Andersson, Joel Lindman, Mats [...]

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Kiwi: Crazy Train

A penny here and a penny there.

A penny saved is a penny earned (which you can mindlessly waste on useless but entertaining things.)
A spot directed by Johan Skog and Niklas Frøberg and produced at Moland Film.
Advertising agency: SMFB, Oslo. Creative Director: Stig Bjølbakk. Art Directors: Hans Martin Rønneseth, André Koot. Copywriters: Stig Bjølbakk, Hans Magne, [...]

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Mastercard: Shopping


I never manage to get the point of these credit cards commercials, but the animation is so very nice.
The spot has been directed by Christian Bevilacqua and produced by Barry Hughes at Therapy Films.
Creative agency: McCann Erickson, New York. Creatives: Michele Raso, Robert Frost.
Non riesco mai a cogliere il senso di queste pubblicità per le [...]

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6" 45rpm EP

Five bucks!

A rather complex name for a very simple short movie where we learn that, in the end, betting on love is a winning strategy.
Six Inch 45rpm EP, an entry at DVX Love Fest 2008, has been directed by Zach Sheenan with director of photography Matt Garrett. Producer: Alexander White.
Cast: Adam Lash, Allyn Rachel, Braden [...]

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The Animals Save the Planet: Supermarket Bags

We could all bring our own bags when we go shopping.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Supermarket Bags.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Supermarket Bags.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 9 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Orangutan – Shopping Bags in finestra.[Format: Flash Video]
LINK: Visita The Animals Save the Planet.
LINK: Visita Aardman Animations [...]

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