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Every time I update a post it shows up in the Atom and RSS feeds.
I suppose this is tremendously annoying for podcast users. Blogger Helpdesk has been informed.
Ogni volta che aggiorno un post, ricompare nei feed, Atom ed RSS.
Immagino sia tremendamente fastidioso per gli utenti podcast. Ho scritto all’helpdesk di Blogger.

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The Tale of How: Link Fixed

The original source is down right now and I messed up the Lumen Eclipse link. At least, the latter is fixed now…
La fonte originale è andata, e l’altra volta ho pasticciato il link verso Lumen Eclipse. Il secondo funge, adesso.

REFERENCE: Il post di The Tale of How.

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No FAT32 Clips

My hard disk crashed. I’ve managed to put everything back working. New posts will follow when I’ll be back working as well.
Il mio hard disk è crashato. Sono riuscito a rimetterlo in sesto, quindi nuovi post seguiranno allorché mi rimetterò anch’io…

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Broken Links Are for Assholes

Aw, I knew you’d be surprised…

Thanks to our French friend who magically finds stuff on his own hard drive but, for some reason, prefer to link to the one I upload, my bandwidth quota on Fileden is running out. So, please, be patient until next month. I can’t re-upload all the stuff I got up [...]

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