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Studio Universal: Ident 3

The new idents for Studio Universal were produced by the highly talented Argentinean animation house PepperMelon. Sound Design by David Kamp.

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Charter Communications: Love

The spot has been designed and directed by Matt Smithson AKA Man vs Magnet; and it was produced by Meg Donohoe at Curious Pictures. Flash animations byArthur Metcalf. Compositing and animation by Jess Mireau, David Soto and Dale Clowdis.

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You expect me to believe that?!?

Some dude (Simon Carroll Jones) is late and misses the bus for his girlfriend’s house. Trying to arrive in time will bring him in a breathtaking adventure.
Sorry I’m Late is a stop animated short film directed by Tomas Mankovsky. Director of photography: Trevor Forrest.
Executive producer: James Studholme at Blink. Sound [...]

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Pwn3d Noob!


Our hero finds himself face to face with some gangster sharks at the bottom of the sea. Can he krump his way to safety?
The first episode of Dancing Jack, entitled: 5uch a Beeutiful Merning 4 Fshing “dat shawty go hard”.
A film by Grigoris Leontiades. Produced by Richard Barnett at Trunk. Sound by Aaron Lampert. [...]

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Karma Currency: Charity Gift Vouchers

I want to rescue gorillas.

Kids will hopefully save the world. Just like in Children of the Corn, remember that?
The animated promo has been directed by James Calvert and produced at The People’s Republic of Animation.
Writers: Ash Rosshandler, Jen Rosshandler. Lead artist: Simon Westlake.
These Charity Gift Vouchers “can be sent to families or friends, customers or [...]

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Madagascar 2: End Titles

Ailaiccammuvi Muvi

“Director/Animator Jamie Caliri of Los Angeles based production studio Duck, recently designed and animated the title sequence for” Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.
The song is I Like to Move It, from the film’s soundtrack, created by Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas.
Background art: Alex Juhasz. Paper puppets: Megan Brain. Props: Pablo Grande. Animation director: Todd Hemker.
Animators: [...]

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AGDA National Awards 2008

Warning: Contains cruelty to Adelaidians and their egos.

As it seems, Adelaide is a great place if your looking for lesbian nuns and pedophile priests. And junk food.
It is also the place where the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) held the annual awarding ceremony.
This opener for the 2008 event has been made completely in house by [...]

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MATT WHITE – The Old Man Who Cried Shark


“When a lonely old man is convinced he’s seen a shark in his freshwater pond in Pennsylvania, his struggle to kill the beast and prove his sanity creates havoc for his family.”
A nice student movie written, directed and produced by Matt White while at Tisch School of the Arts.
Editor was Mike Siedlecki. Cast: Ulga Campfield, [...]

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