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my heartIs true as steel

A commercial for Dirk Tanghe’s version of William Shakespeare’s comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream, played at the Topstukken Theater from 21 November 2007 till January 26 2008.
The promo was animated by Ralf Hekkenberg and Willem-Jan L. van Rootselaar. Sound design: Bram van der Poel.
Uno spot per la version di Dirk Tanghe [...]

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Me and my Goldfish Were Going to the Pub

Whoa! Look out everybody!This is the Mother of Oh-Crikey situations!Cover your undies and head for the bunkers!Cos here comes Doctor Half-a-lager-shandy-with-a-twist-of-limeand his Goldfish and they’re gonna be raisin’ hellwith their mates tonight! (If they turn up)..

Our boozed hero and his goldfish will meet several people in their alcoholic pilgrimage. Including William Shakespeare.
The short movie was [...]

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