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Here’s an amazing stop animated short film, made almost entirely with real food, that will entertain you while trying to open your mind to things such as trying to open your mind. The short film is the work of Kirsten Lepore, her thesis movie at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

The tale is that of a stalwart cupcake yearning to find something beyond his world of sugar cube skyscrapers and frosting-covered friends. When his makeshift boat crashes on foreign shores, he makes a shocking discovery that changes him forever.

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Liten Penis (Small Penis) is the graduation film of Stian Hafstad at the Universitetet i Bergen and features a catchy theme song by Erlend Myrstad entitled Du er ikkje din penis (You are not your penis).

Director of Photography: Christopher Swahn Zibell. Film Editing by: Espen Hobbesland. Makeup Artist: Linn Christine Berg-Olsen.

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Gnarls Barkley – Gone Daddy Gone

When I see you.A thousand eyes turnin’ blue.


A rock band made of mites and ticks follow their leader who fell in love with a human woman. For the tragic end, play the video. For the happy end, open the preview.
Gnarls Barkley is the musical collaboration between Brian Burton AKA Danger Mouse and Thomas Callaway AKA [...]

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You know I’m lost without you.

It is sad to lose somebody you love. But perhaps it’s even sadder to find him again. Or maybe not.
Lost and Found is a short film by Filip Piskorzynski starring Eve Dufaud, Maxime Mallet and Alix Lieury.
The film was shot in October 2008 during the Kino Kabaret, between Paris, La [...]

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The Moment After

Full HD Video available in the underneath links.
Warning: Not Safe For Work

The first you feel that way. The first time you don’t…
The Moment After is a micro short film by Zac&Mac that is Bruno Zacharias and MacGregor. Produced at BlackMilk.
Cast: Ricardo Birnbaum and María Hervás. Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Sound design: Bene Moya.
Camera assistant: [...]

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Le Grand Mix: Neo Folk

Folk, ou: comment disséquer l’être humain avec un simple micro.
Not Safe For Work (Non adatto al posto di lavoro.)

Folk, or: how to dissect human beings with a simple microphone.
The spot is part of a campaign for the French radio Nova from creative agency Young & Rubicam, Paris. A click will show you the whole series [...]

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Warning: not safe for work(but you should really watch this…)

“May is a month of Spring, when the flowers flood the landscapes, the insects reproduce and the sun shines on a new cycle of the life. In this context is set Maig, a story of love that goes beyond the people who lived it.”
A short movie [...]

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Not suitable for work.

“A story of a great voyeuristic passion, adult teenagers and teenage adults, where a house full of loud people, alcohol, drugs and a hot mum, clashes with a quiet, lonely and confused boy in search of love.”
The film has been written and directed by David Michôd and produced with assistance from the [...]

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RAJNEEL SINGH – Big Bad Wolves

Contains excessive offensive language,horror violence and brief nudity.Viewer discretion is strongly advised…

Chain smoking gangsters discuss the true meaning behind the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood in a re-elaboration of the Like a Virgin scene from Reservoir Dogs.
The movie, based on a sketch written by Chris Kerr, has been directed by Rajneel Singh and [...]

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What just happened?

Rosie (Nikki Alikakos) meets the Stranger (Michael Teh) on the Subway. She doesn’t actually talk to him, nor they meet again. Still, she starts a fantasy relationship with him which keeps growing and getting more real, even when a good and real relationship with Gordon (Steven Lock) appears on her horizon. Then…
I hope [...]

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The Ore

Fossil fuels are depleting, and the Maven Council faces a global crisis. Maven Varkaus (Jeff Doba) has spent his life searching for answers to the growing energy crisis. When a mysterious discovery comes to light, Varkaus’ dreams may soon be realized… and he will let nothing to stand in his own way.
Elsa (Shaula Chambliss) is [...]

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A love story with a science fiction theme and some scenes that are Not Suitable For Work.
Antarctica, some time in the future. Hebe (Magda Ritz) and Ciro (Benedicto Moya) are spending their vacation. But they’re not an ordinary couple.
Similo has been directed by Bruno Zacharias (also author and co-producer) and MacGregor (also editor and director [...]

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