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SCAD Shorts: Gift of the Titan Smile

Sacrificial Celebration Appeases Deity

“He who appeases the Titan is he who reaps great reward.”
The SCADShort from June 2008 is a dance on the thin line between life and death, written and directed by Christian Simmons and produced by Josh Lind.
Cast: Tarren Johnson is the dancing girl; Rachel Sellers is the second beggar.
The Titan “slaves”: Eugene [...]

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SCAD Shorts: Stolen Car Angers Detective

Copz: High Speed Pursuit

“Distracted by an array of pastries, ‘Dollar’ Bill Greenburg (Trey Hock) has his beat-up car heisted from right under his nose.” Appearances are deceiving, so be careful.
SCAD Short from May 2007, the film was directed by Kevin Phillips and written by Kevin with Ben Collins. Producer: Josh Lind.
Director of photography: Wyatt Garfield. [...]

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SCAD Shorts: Colour Me Beautiful

Congratulate yourself on the nwe youyou just made yourself.

Fitness Guru Jennifer Kenny (Tricia Riel) will paint you back into shape with her explosively effective workout routine.
Colour me Beautiful is the latest installment in SCAD Shorts, the series developed by The Dandy Dwarves for the Savannah College of Art and Design.
The movie has been written and [...]

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Love Hurts: Behind the Scenes

And it’ll burn, burn, burnThat ring of fire…

The making of video for the SCADShorts film of this month is one half a surreal take on the main character, on half a collection of stunts of the victims.
Il dietro le quinte dello SCADShorts di questo mese è per metà una ripresa surreale del protagonista, e per [...]

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SCAD Shorts: Love Hurts

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and mars.

Every 30 seconds, a human being is hit by Cupid’s heart shaped arrows. If this is not stopped, you could be the next one. Think about it.
Love Hurts is the latest installment in Dandy Dwarves‘ monthly SCAD Shorts, short movies made by students of the Savannah College.
The short [...]

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DANIEL OEFFINGER – For the Damaged

Signal when you can’t breathe no more.

A damage or two can’t hurt…
This beautiful (unofficial) music video for the Blonde Redhead track has been made by Daniel Oeffinger in 2006 while at the Savannah College of Art and Design.
Un danno o due non potranno far male…
Un bel video (non ufficiale) per il brano dei Blonde Redhead, [...]

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An old mad scientist is building some strange flying machinery to reach for the moon.
Otsu is a short animated movie from 2003 vintage of Supinfocom. The authors are: Sylvain Crombet, Lucas Vallerie and Mathieu Gastaldi.
Uno scienziato pazzo costruisce una strana macchina volante per raggiungere la luna.
Otsu è un cortometraggio animato dell’annata 2003 di Supinfocom. [...]

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KRIS YOUNG – Sense and Nonsense

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

The origin of this project came from linguist, philosopher, political activist, and author Noam Chomsky’s statement: “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.” Chomsky chose this sentence as an example of a grammatically correct statement that meant nothing logical.
After some research, illustrator and motion artist Kris Young came across a work who commented [...]

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JARRETT MOODY – Intonation

Say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN.I dare you, I double dare you, motherfucker.Say what one more goddamn time..

What does Marsellus Wallace looks like in text? Find it out in this typographic rendition of the well known scene from Pulp Fiction where Samuel L nails down someone who fucked with the wrong guy.
The movie is a [...]

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“In the game of life, EveryGirl finds herself benched. This animated comic yarn follows her exasperated attempts and subsequent failures to join a world that is oblivious to her. It takes a curious cat with a volatile temper to awaken the girl to her own untapped courage.”
Juxtaposer is a sweet short movie written, animated, directed [...]

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DAVID BOKSER – Le Vieil Homme et les Poissons

The old man and the fishes. Animated movie about an old man who longs to be a fish and builds a fish suit to fulfill his dream.
David Bokser written and directed this film as his thesis project at the SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design. The animation is the work of the author with [...]

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The stage is set on a small planet where a small orange alien, Quark, has eaten every flower with the exception of one. Little does he know that the last flower holds the key to the balance of the entire planet— literally. (Source: SCAD)
Quark is the second short film of Benjamin Willis, completed in [...]

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DAESUP CHANG – Painting Day

The fairground is closed as the attractions needs a bit of maintenance. A man is painting the bull riding machine, while some unfortunate events give him a free ride.
The movie is the graduation project of Daesup Chang at the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and screened on various festivals, winning several awards, including [...]

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JASON DAVIES – The Machine

Look! He’s walking!

Baazle is an inventor who is devising a machine to create moving images. But Dinsdale is just a bit skeptic on the… whatever is friend is doing!
The Machine is an animated movie created and directed by Jason Davies, Graduate Student of Animation and Visual Effects from the SCAD, Savannah College [...]

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Short animation that chronicles the mishaps that insue when the devil tries to install a ceiling fan in his hotter than hell apartment.
Hellp! is the culmination of Project: Backpocket. The 10 week program teamed some students together, under the supervision of Mark Gustafson, a top director and producer from Vinton Studios (now Laika Entertainment) [...]

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