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MIKE STERN – Distraxion

Short and sweet, Distraxion is a short film directed and animated by Mike Stern, made during his final terms at Animation Mentor.

Mike Stern works as an animator at Dreamworks Animation and has contributed to their last feature films: Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters Vs. Aliens and How to Train Your Dragon.

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ALEX LORA – (En)terrados

de puta madre…

“The year is 2010. There’s no chance to find a flat on the entire town. Three characters will try to find an alternative place to rest.”
(En)terrados (AKA Buried over the Roof) is a short film written, directed and produced by Àlex Lora. Co-director: Andrés Bujardón.
Reminds me both of the spot La colocation [...]

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Le Grand Mix: Jazz

In the history of hazz, a few names stand out. Like Miles, Thelonious and Katrina.
The spot is part of a campaign for the French radio Nova from creative agency Young & Rubicam, Paris. A click will show you the whole series of spots.
Directed by Victor Haegelin and produced at Partizan. The song is Canal [...]

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Hallelujah! Gorilla Revival

I think my venus flytrap is anorexic.

This one doesn’t need any description. Just repeated viewings. Apparently is part 3 of the Catfish with Falcon Wings Trilogy. Will look for the ohter parts.
Directed by Jason LaRay Keener and Jeremiah Ledbetter and produced at Reining Nails with associates Brianna Burton, Ginger Howell and Patsy Smith.
Cast: Savannah Bobo, [...]

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TrenchcoaT – Whatcha Got

HD Video available in the underneath links

Here’s an amazing stop animated video made with paper cuts, cardboard and several tons of sweat by Rogier Wieland.
Trenchcoat is a Dutch band comprised of Martijn Baak, Pascal de Haan, Jelle van den Bogaard, Tobias Duin, Gijs Pannebakker, Gido Tervooren, Pim van der Meer, Jaap van der Meer, Luuk [...]

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NEW BREED – New Baker man

Boys and girls… Do you believe in luck?

Children at school are playing with the paper cuts figures of the band, putting them in their fantasy world.
New Breed is a jazz band from Lithuania.
The music video has been realized by Arūnas Eimulis and Donatas Ravaitis at UAB Vaizdo Studija, in collaboration with Dovydas Augaitis at D.A. [...]

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MAGNAPASTA – I grandi cambiamenti

C’mon guagliò!

Reference manual. Inhale. Hold your breath. Exhale. Enjoy the effect. It’s that easy.
Here’s a music video with an effective use of motion graphics combined with processed footage of the band, in order to recreate the look and feel of magazines and album covers from the 70s.
The director is Stefano Tinti AKA Bante at production [...]

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Performance video meets PikaPika. I’m usually not very fond for this kind of promos, but this one has very interesting visuals.
Acoustic Ladyland are a London based jazz band consisting of Tom Herbert on double bass, Pete Wareham on saxophone, Seb Rochford on drums and Tom Cawley on Piano. They are part of the F-IRE Collective. [...]

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