Samurai Jazz Quintet – Pico

Not a great fan of generative arts (works generated through computer software algorithms or other autonomous processes), but this piece is an exception. The video, at least, whose structured abstractness manages to make sense of to the music too.

The Samurai Jazz Quintet (SJQ) is an experimental band from Japan. Members are: Yuta Uozumi, Tadashi Yonago, Isao NKGT, Shuhei Otani, Wataru Asada. And the sixth element being Gismo, an “Autonomous Music Software with Artificial Life”.

Pico is a track featured on their latest album, entitled Animacy and released in 2009 for Cubic Music.

The music video is the work of Takafumi Tsuchiya at Takcom™, made, if you’re curious, using mainly Cinema 4D.

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