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SAM ARTHUR – Super Power Bloke

Bloke (n.) English vernacular meaning a man.Sinonyms: chap, fellow, gentleman, guy.

Five good advices to save mankind from climate change. So, Super Power Bloke, do you still think you can save the planet?
The short film has been produced at Academy Films for the Live Earth event.
The director was Sam Arthur. Animations mostly by Blake Evans. This [...]

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SAM ARTHUR – This is Me

As they say: shit happens!To me, it actually did.

As I said in a previous post on Ticklebooth, this is the story of the most unbelievable airplane accident you’ll ever heard. Uhm, ok, the second most unbelievable accident…
While Bertie Timson (Paul Broughton) lies in a coma, his wife (Dariel Pertwee) is living the high life. This [...]

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