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Tiger Beer: Taste it in this life

The spot has been directed by Jesse Warn and produced by Jack St. Rose at Film Construction.

Creatives: Mike O’Sullivan, Jay Benjamin, Andy DiLallo, Cameron Harris, Tom Hazeldine and Toby Talbot at Saatchi and Saatchi.

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Yellow: Party

Does the finding for you.

“A gathering of hands that bring the party to the homeowners and do all the hard work for them.”
The spot was directed by Mark Molloy and produced by Wilf Sweetland at Exit Films. Director of photography: Greig Fraser.
Visual effects produced by Victoria Kendall at Animal Logic. Art director: Dael Oates. Computer [...]

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JC Penney: Aviator

No need to be afraid.

It’s the time to fulfill the ultimate childhood fantasy: visiting Santa at the North Pole.
The spot has been directed by Fredrik Bond and produced at MJZ. Executive producer: Lisa Margulis.
Director of Photography: Alwin Kuchler. Editor: Russell Icke at The Whitehouse.
Sound Design: Judson Crane. Sound mix: Sound Lounge. The song is Real [...]

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Chocolate Pillows: Look Inside

Push meAnd then just touch meUntil I get mysatisfaction

Tip: when you’re in a hurry, crash your head into the mirror and break them both.
A funny spot from some time ago, finally available in more than decent video quality.
The spot was directed by Yariv Gaber and produced (and post produced) at Israeli studio Gravity. Creative agency: [...]

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Look Inside: Making of

DOWNLOAD (PAL): Scarica Making of Look Inside. [Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 20 sec.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Making of Look Inside. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 20 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Making of Look Inside. [Format: Ogg Video - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 20 sec.]
REFERENCE: Il post [...]

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Guinness: Tornado

E poi c’era la marmotta…

You have probably wondered why in the world are there people who chases storms. Well, now you know.
Spot directed by Martin Krejci and produced by Blake Powell and Fraser Lawson at Stink Films.
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London. Creative directors: Tim Hearn and Anton Crone. Copywriter: Alice Gnodde. Art direction: Larissa [...]

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Adidas: Black

Higher quality video available in the underneath links!

As requested by Jener Gomes, I’m posting this spot for Adidas New Zealand, dating back August 1999.
It’s a montage of the All Blacks (New Zealand national rugby team) performing the haka, the defining and famous war dance, alternated with shots of the aboriginal peoples. Classic!
The spot has been [...]

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Gainomax: Scary

Don’t eat bananas, or else…

In order to sell you some beverage to use after working out, this spot references Ring and The Shining.
Directed by Oskar Bård at HobbyFilm. Director of photography: Erik Sohlström.
Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm. Creative directors: Adam Kerj, Fredrik Preisler. Art director: Gustav Egerstedt. Copywriters: Amalia Pitsiava, Adam Reuterskiöld. (Source: Ads [...]

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NSPCC: Hands

Mazze e panelle fanno ‘e figlie belle…

Hands should nurture, not punish. Should they?
The spot was directed by Carolina Melis and produced at Nexus. Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi. Creative Team: Rick Dodds and Steve Howell.
Animation: Stuart Doig, Antoine Bourruel, Nicolas Domerego, Mina Mileva, Kwok Fung Lam. Compositing: Fletch Moules, Paul Roberts.
Music and sound design by [...]

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Visa: Running Man

Life Flows Better…

This is harsh. I’ll tell you little by little. It’s about a man. A man running. Running naked. A man running, naked, in socks! And he holds a credit card too…
The spot has been directed by Antoine Bardou Jacquet at Partizan. Editor: Bill Smedley at Work.
Post production by Wes at The Mill. Sound [...]

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JC Penney: Magic

I close my eyes and think that I have found me.

“Set to a quirky Regina Spektor track, the spot begins on an ordinary autumn workday morning, except that the extraordinary happens.”
The commercial has been directed by Nicolai Fuglsig at MJZ for creative agency Saatchi + Saatchi, New York.
Edited by Ian McKenzie at MacKenzie Cutler. The [...]

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JC Penney: Hearts

Every day matters.

I think I’ve never seen something which manages to be both so cute and so creepy. Without even trying, I mean.
The spot has been directed by Dougal Wilson at Furlined. Director of photography: Alwin H. Kuchler.
Post production made at The Mill. Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi. Music by Francis Lai from the movie [...]

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Toyota Camry: Asphalt Birth

Moving forward

“You can launch a new car model in many ways. This is a more spectacular way for sure!”
The commercial was directed by Stylewar’s Oscar Holmedel and produced at Smuggler.
Post produced at Method Studios with Cedric Nicolas as lead visual effects artist and Laurent Ledru as creative director.
Director of photography: Crille Forsberg. Editing done by [...]

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