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[REPOST] S. MACKAY SMITH – Happy Anniversary


Careful what presents you get, especially when you live in a world half way between the Tim Burton-verse and the Sam Raimi-verse…
The short has been directed, shot, cut and scored Stuart MacKay Smith (previously here with Put Your Hands Up for Detroit)
Starring: S. MacKay-Smith, Pilar Alvarez and Bride of Valentine, the doll.
Music: Antonio Vivaldi’s Summer [...]

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FEDDE LA GRAND – Put Your Hands Up for Detroit

Ajit wrote: “showgirls from the silent film era shake their booty like the music video girls of today. Cool idea and very sexy.”
Cool idea, indeed. So cool that the pitch has been rejected by the record label. This is the official video, from which you can tell what they were really after…
Fedde La Grand [...]

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