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Plastic Hut

If the hut’s a-rockin’ don’t come a-knockin’!

Inga and Greta are a-giving an (educational) party in the (educational) plastic hut, and everybody’s a-coming.
“This spoof was inspired by the silly and inexpensive toy of its namesake. Its retro packaging said: funny and educational toy.”
Director Ryan McFaul “decided to put these claims to the test. A week later, [...]

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Wonderful Town

It is true. We live in a…

A “jigsaw puzzle of 35mm motion control, hard sets, virtual backgrounds, and layers of choreography.”
A commercial for a musical directed by Ryan McFaul. Advertising agency: SpotCo.
Un “mosaico di motion control in 35mm, set veri, set virtuali e diversi strati di coreografie.”
Spot per un musical diretto da Ryan McFaul. Agenzia [...]

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LoDef: Behind the Scenes

It was a piece of cake!

And here’s a brief but entertaining look behind the scenes of the LoDef spot, where grown up kids play with their toys.
Ed ecco un breve ma divertente sguardo dietro le quinte dello spot LoDef, in cui bimbi cresciuti si divertono coi loro giocattoli.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Behind the Scenes of LoDef.[Format: MPEG-4 [...]

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LoDef: The Fight

Gentlemen, start your cakes…

Apparently Sony want to show you that lodef is a lot funnier than high definition. I’m confused. But this ain’t news…
The LoDef campaign was developed in 2006 at creative agency McKinney-Silver.
The spot has been directed by Ryan McFaul at Zooma Zooma and “went from concept to shoot in seven”days.
For some other cake [...]

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Irving Berlin’s White Christmas

Just like the ones I used to know.

A recent TV commercial for the musical White Christmas, made by Ryan McFaul, with the help of some actors, a computer and the incomparable Irving Berlin.
Art director was Ryan Cooper. Director of photography: Jon Furmanski. Advertising agency: SpotCo, New York.
Recente spot pubblicitario per il musical White Christmas, opera [...]

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RYAN MCFAUL – The Man Behind the Motion

When is art ever easy?

Well, it’s 8PM and again I haven’t managed to encode a decent clip of the movie I was about to post (not the same as yesterday, though). So here’s a funny mockumentary from the year 2003.
The Man Behind the Motion tells the story of Michael White, motion capture artist, and the [...]

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Brooklyn: Now Available in Miniature

Ryan Mc Faul collaborated with Rooftop Films festival founder Mark Elijah Rosenberg, sculptor Lothar Osterburg and the rest of the Rooftop gang to create this beautiful trailer.
Cinematography by Matt Elkind. Music and sound by Dan Nuxoll.
Ryan Mc Faul ha collaborato col fondatore del festival Rooftop Films, Mark Elijah Rosenberg, lo scultore Lothar Osterburg e il [...]

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