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DOPPLER – Bottoms Up

We would have injected vitamin C if only they had made it illegal!

Mors tua vita mea they said…
The funny short short is part of an ongoing project involving anthropomorphic vitamin pills.
“A pair of vindictive vitamins from the medicine mafia prod a petrified pill toward his deadly demise.”
Directed by Döppler, that is Ryan Dunn and [...]

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Over the Rhine – Desperate for Love

It might only take a kissFor the plot to take a twistThat you hadn’t counted on.

A new video from the exquisite corpse project PSST! Pass it on, produced and curated with Ryan Dunn of Vitamin.
“Each team had 3 weeks to produce their part and then passed it off to the next director, following the PSST! [...]

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Zune Arts: Float

She said we gotta keep walking on…

Girl and boy meet in the street. While sharing some air, they head for the seventh heaven. But they only reach for the second one, due to restrictions imposed by the DRM system.
Jokes apart, here’s an awesome addition to the Zune Arts collection, directed by Ryan Dunn at Vitamin [...]

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Smilefaucet: Air

Smilefaucet is “a seasonal video magazine”. Their latest release is a DVD called Air, and this movie is the title sequence for it. They’re also showcasing the videos featured on the disc all around the U.S.A. Well, almost.
The sequence is short animation “where a little girl goes for a walk in the forest with some [...]

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