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Coke Zero: Happy Kingdom

Happy Kingdom is a spot for Coke directed by Pete Candeland and produced by Debbie Crosscup at Passion.

Creative agency: Ogilvy Argentina. Creatives: Gastón Bigio, Jonathan Gurvit, Javier Mentasti, Christian Camean.

Crew at Passion: Jason Nicholas, Neil Riley, Julian Hodgson, Mario Ucci, Doug Lassance, Kevin Dart and many more…

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Prison Bake

Todays Recipe: Raisin Bread with Zesty Crack Frosting.

“A cookery show set in a prison hosted by a psychotic inmate who veers from Celebrity Chef to psychotic prisoner and back again”, helped by his bullied sidekick Fridge.
A short film directed by Matt Dollings and Murray Thoms. “The idea stemmed from mispronouncing the TV show Prison Break.”
Cast: [...]

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We got five years, my brain hurts a lotFive years, that’s all we’ve got.

The lonely protagonist (Lee Pace) “is slowly flooded out of the ground floor of his home as he drinks tea and irons his pants. He calmly ascends each adjacent level as the water rises, only to finally be surprised by his ultimate [...]

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Creature Discomforts: Sneaking Up

…you learn how to deal with it.

“In this commercial we see just one animated animal who is a blind Chameleon. He is talking to the camera. This animal is the visual representation of a real blind man who is talking about living with his disability.”
Director: Steve Harding-Hill at Aardman. Creative agency: Freud Communications. Post production: [...]

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Creature Discomforts: Love and Sex

I can has sex

“In this commercial we see 2 animated animals talking to camera. They look similar to the animated characters featured in Creature Comforts, the Aardman TV series, however each animal has a disability.”
“What we hear are real people talking about living with their disability. They are represented visually by animated animals created by [...]

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The Meth Project: O.D.

This isn’t normal.

A public service announcement for The Meth Project, “a large-scale prevention program aimed at reducing first-time meth use.”
It was directed by Oscar nominated director Alejandro González Iñárritu at Anonymous Content.
Edited by J.D. Smith at Final Cut Editorial. Telecine by Jonny McPheeters at Rushes.
Creative agency: Venables Bell & Partners. Creative director: Tom Scharpf. Copywriter: [...]

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Philips: Robot Skin

Shave it baby!!!

By popular request, here’s the spot for the shaving system that every men would buy. Sooooo… Does it ship in Bjork too?
The spot has been directed by Bruno Aveillan and produced at Short Films, London. Director of photography: Philippe Le Sourd.
Creative agency: DDB, London. Creative director: Stuart Buckley. Creatives: Mark Thompson, Dave Newbold.
The [...]

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Hyundai: Life Shapes

For whatever shape life takes…

New York dance group Pilobolus was recruited to perform in this shape shifting commercial from the last year.
The director was Jörn Threlfall at Outsider USA, via Raging Artists. Director of photography: Tobias Schliessler. Executive producer: Jonathan Ker.
Editor: Hal Honigsberg at Chrome. Colorist: Gino Panaro at Rushes. Visual effects: Moving Pixels. Music: [...]

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Creature Discomforts: Watch Me

You can’t do that.

Leonard Cheshire Disability teamed up with Aardman Animations (via the advertising agency Freud Communications) to create this campaign.
Creature Discomforts is aimed at highlighting the discrimination and disadvantage that disabled people experience every day, largely as a result of the ignorance of the wider population.
The animations are based on the genuine voices of [...]

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