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Wolksvagen Touran: Ghost Train

Finalement, c’est bon d’être père.


This commercial will try and fool you into believing that there’s something good about becoming a father. I’m not very persuaded though…
The spot was directed by H5 and produced at Addict Film for RSA. Sound design: Kouz. Creat. agency: Agence.V. for DDB Paris.
3D graphics done at Mikros by a team comprising [...]

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Channel 4: Disarming Britain

We’ve bred all our kittens whiteSo you can see them in the night.

There were 9650 firearms offences in the United Kingdom in 2007. Getting a gun has become a child’s play. Using one is something else.
A touching video for Disarming Britain, Channel 4 campaign focused on the increasing use of violence and weapons by young [...]

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For too long, the citizens of the Middle Easthave lived in the midst of death and fear.

A look behind words and rhetoric.
A viral video for Move On directed by Brett Foraker and produced at RSA Films.
Uno sguardo dietro parole e retorica.
Un video virale per Move On diretto da Brett Foraker prodotto presso RSA Films.

© 2007
previously [...]

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Rotofugi: The Collectors

Rad Überdouche

The toys by Rotofugi are so awesome that they collect human being themselves.
Spot directed by Acne and produced by RSA Films and Screen Novelties for creative agency Country Club Chicago.
Stop animation by Screen Novelties (previously here: Graveyard Jamboree). Director of photography: Raplh Kaechele.
The spot has just been nominated for an Annie Award, clearly in [...]

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MARTIN SCORSESE – The Key to Reserva

…a secret experiment in filmmaking.

Martin Scorsese tried something never done before: the restoration of a movie by Alfred Hitchcock, a movie that has never been made… Or maybe not.
In fact, as you should know by now, it is just a sophisticated commercial for Freixenet. I tried to get a better quality version of this, but [...]

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Mazda: Red and White

Zoom Zoom!

Another Color vs White story (like True Color and De Blob) where the message seems to be that the Mazda will never be the way you want it to be.
The spot has been directed by Carl Erik Rinsch at RSA Films. Advertising agency: JWT, Dusseldorf.
Post production: Digital Domain. Visual Effects Supervisor: Jay Barton. Computer [...]

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Oxford: Wind

Broken mirror…

Reality transfigures on paper as a teenager write her diary on some expensive notebook.
The spot was directed by Christophe Navarre at RSA Films. The soundtrack is a bubblegum version of Nirvana’s Lithium.
Creative agency: Ailleurs Exactement. Director of photography: Patrick Duroux. Editor: Samuel Danesi. Visual effects: Def2Shoot.
Many thanks to crApple Quicktime for making my browser [...]

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What if…

I briefly referenced this short (actually a viral video for SciFi Channel) when posting Jeunet’s Foutaises, mistakenly attributing it to the same director, while it actually was Albert Kodagolian’s work.
The point is: you are not your job. You are not how much money you have in the bank. You are not the shoes you [...]

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