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ANDY HUANG – The Gloaming

HD Video available in the underneath links.

Don’t worry, it was just a dream. Soon you’re going to wake up, back to your boring life and your shitty job.
“A tale of macabre absurdity, The Gloaming plunges this unwitting protagonist (Randall Rickert) into a cycle of nightmares.”
A nightmarish short movie directed by Andrew Thomas Huang at School [...]

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Minipop – Fingerprints

Lullaby’s gone cold as nighthow’s it gonna change outsidefingerprints on every surfacelingering, not without purpose.

An old woman (Amy Dunton) is reached by a swarm of butterflies and entrapped into a cocoon. And the song goes on…
Minipop is an American indie and electronic band, based in Oakland. The members are: Tricia Kanne, Lauren Grubb, Matthew [...]

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