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PES – Roof Sex

Quoting from IMDB: “…this is like a furniture porno film [...] who in the world would LIKE to see furniture doing this?!” You gotta be kidding…

The film is the work of Adam Pesapane AKA the one and only PES. The old lady in the final scene is played by Michael Hannigan.

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Cours Toujours

Sometimes you’d be better if you didn’t catch the bird you were going after.

Cours Toujours is a short film created and directed by Elise Garcette and Olivier Barré and produced at La Station Animation. The song is entitled Ooups, the band’s name being Pilöt.

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The Monday Club – Lay Down and Die

The Monday Club is an English rock band comprised of Paul Hawksworth, Darren Ullyett, Steve Scott and Marc Wragg.

The music video has been directed by Gavin Randall at Melting Point Media. Filmed and edited within two weeks for Sheffield’s 2 Weeks 2 Make it competition, where it was awarded a special mention.

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Streetlight Manifesto – Would you be impressed?

Would you be impressed is a track featured on Streetlight Manifesto’s album Somewhere in the Between. The music video (not animal/human friendly!) has been directed and animated by Jurjen Bosklopper.

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Stressed-out parents or a crazy grandmother, that is the question! Pia (Karianne Namtvedt Nordstrand) a little Norwegian girl, prefers the latter, who takes her to the moon and back. Can’t blame her!

The short film has been written and directed by Marthe Emilie Mandal Igesund and produced by Ingrid Halstensen at University of Bergen. Director of photography: Ingvild Vågen Ulset. Audio: Gudrun Tokle Grene. Editor: Espen Hobbesland.

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Mon ami Charly

A little girl gets bored on her own and asks for permission to her mother to meet Charly. The mother refuses but the little girl disobeys.

A short animated film by four students of the ESMA: Julien Duval, Loïc Quesada, Rémy Terreaux, Magda Wydrzynska.

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RÉGIS CAMARGO – Her Lion’s Jump

In this short animated film, an unexpected visitor named Fred (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) comes to the window of Sandy (voiced by Evelyn Hwang), asking for her help to get home. Oh, by the way, Fred is a lion…

Her Lion’s Jump is a short movie by Régis Camargo, thesis work for his Master of Fine Arts at the UCLA Animation Workshop.

The musical score has been composed by: Marcel Camargo and Richie Kohan and performed by a eight piece ensemble.

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Alfa Romeo Mito: Space Invaders

The spot is a nice way to show how the car saves on fuel and reduces pollution. Even though it could also be used to show the exact opposite…

Produced by Stefania Odero at Buddy Film and directed by Alex & Steffen, via Spy Films. Post production: Unexpected. Music by Flavio Ibba. Creative agency: Saffirio Tortelli Vigoriti.

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Lucien is a short film by three students of Lisaa: Nathalie Corcessin, Djamel Meslem, Pierre-Julien Vandenburie.

Original music by Sylvain Rety.

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Icad 2008: Titles

If the previous clip wasn’t convincing enough about how perilous the world of advertising is, this one will do for sure.
In this surreal world, even the skilled secret agent will sweat hard to bring the yearned award safe home.
Introducing movie for the ICAD Awards 2008, made again at Piranha Bar. Sound design by Gavin Little [...]

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Audiotransparent – Vague Millimeter

I never thought the north pole could catch fireBut it did…


“A man is living a solitary life on the roofs of his city. The tragedy that occupies his mind, is constantly feeding the distance he feels towards others. The only place that still reminds him of better times, is in his dreams.” And then, one [...]

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Poor Mrs Dombilard has lost Pushkin, her cat. Where is her little darling? Will she ever see him again?
A short film written, directed, animated, voiced and edited by Trevor Hardy. Music and sound by Jon Russell.
Poor Mrs Dombilard has lost Pushkin, her cat. Where is her little darling? Will she ever see him again?
A short [...]

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Lobo Gris – Vendaval

Desperté y encontre un hoyo azul,un ave de pie…

“Light and speed that never find each other through time…” That’s when you’re peeking into life from outside.
Music and images by Gustavo de la Torre Casal AKA Lobo Gris. Produced by En Teoría.
“Luce e velocità che non si incontrano mai nel tempo…” Ciò che accade quando si [...]

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ALEX LORA – (En)terrados

de puta madre…

“The year is 2010. There’s no chance to find a flat on the entire town. Three characters will try to find an alternative place to rest.”
(En)terrados (AKA Buried over the Roof) is a short film written, directed and produced by Àlex Lora. Co-director: Andrés Bujardón.
Reminds me both of the spot La colocation [...]

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Mad Santa

Once again, Santa Claus is going to sacrifice his own life in order to wish you a merry Winter Solstice.
From the mad people at Mad Crew.
Ancora una volta, Babbo Natale sacrificherà la sua vita per augurarvi un felice solstizio d’inverno.
Da quei pazzi tizi di Mad Crew.

as seen on CG Talk

DOWNLOAD (1920×1080): Scarica Mad Santa in [...]

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