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PES – Roof Sex

Quoting from IMDB: “…this is like a furniture porno film [...] who in the world would LIKE to see furniture doing this?!” You gotta be kidding…

The film is the work of Adam Pesapane AKA the one and only PES. The old lady in the final scene is played by Michael Hannigan.

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Lifestyle: The Pleasure (GFX Package)

Lifestyle’s The Pleasure is a “6 chapter serial going deep into women’s pleasures and desires.”

This is a montage of the motion graphics prepared by Estudio Jalea for the show and based on the photographs and artwork by Gabriel Rocca.

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MIKE CARLO – The President of The Universe

The President of The Universe is a short animated film by Mike Carlo. Post production by Al Pardo. Music and sound design: Joey Spallina. Voices: Mike Carlo and Christina Tortorelli.

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Ape School – Wail To God

A primitive and psychedelic lesson on the basest emotions — between lust, joy and desperation — is cast as a vest-clad ape man fumbles his tenuous place in society with more primitive, animistic compulsions. Video by Anthony Francisco Schepperd.

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Lactacyd: Protect Yourself

The spot was directed by Robert Nylund and produced at Fat Fred. Creative agency: Grey, Amsterdam. Director of Photography: Gösta Reiland. Post Production: Valkieser. Editor: Johan Wik. Music: Earforce.

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This short stop motion animation has been produced for the Swedish studio Snask as their presentation video. It took under 4 days to shoot the 1846 photos comprising the film without the use of special effects or stopmotion software. Snask has been written shot and edited by Mike Crozier.

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Doritos: Love Triangles

A funny and kinky little spot made by Leo Bridle, Ben Thomas and Joe Dennis. Leo is now represented by Beakus in the United Kingdom.

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The short film, starring Gry Bay, has been directed by Caroline Sascha and produced at Pasha Boom Parts.

Cinematographer: Magnus Nordenhof Jenck. Editor: Benjamin Binderup. Music and Sound Design: Mads Heldtberg.

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Choreography for Copy Machine (Photocopy Cha Cha)

Chel White’s photocopy Cha Cha was created using an actual photocopier, achieving its own visual aesthetic and mechanical rhythm. The film is considered a milestone in the experimental animation world and is shown in college animation courses all over the world.

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A doctor performs an experimental procedure designed to remotely enhance a woman’s breast size… when an unfortunate surge of electricity brings her boob to life!

After watching this film, you will never look at boobs the way you did before. Unless you’re a man.

Written and directed by Honest. Director of photography: Martin Ahlgren. Editor: Craig Holzer.

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Bubble Sex

Gonna get strange eggs this Easter. At least it what you’d argue by this strange video directed by Valerie Pirson at Partizan. Music by the non existent Disco Chicken Project (actually The Seebach Band).

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Philips: Pubic Hair

Here’s another work from Pinkman AKA Alberto Mielgo, a ridiculously sexy spot for who knows (and who cares?) what. I guess that’s actually a spec spot, even though it would be perfect for Pixel Precise HD television.

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Pubic Hair: Making of

This video from Alberto Mielgo at Pinkman has got some very nice brush strokes. Really nice and enjoyable.

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Woman Eyes – Le Chat

And now, for something different, “a surreal and erotic ode to cat fancying”.

Le chat is the first single by Woman Eyes, formerly Pydos in Spydos. The music video has been directed and edited by Alex Turvey. Director of photography: Andrew Farrar. Production Assistant: Oliver Page.

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AIDES: Graffiti

On the door of a public toiles lives a “zizi”, born of man and pencil. One day, this zizi falls under the spell of a “zezette”, but all his efforts to reach her are doomed to failure. Until…

The spot has been directed by Yoann Lemoine and produced at Wanda. Animator: Yves Bigerel AKA Balak.

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