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JONATHAN HOLT – The Dog and the Butcher



It’s time for dinner and our doggy pal is not willing for another round of those kibbles.
The Dog and the Butcher is a short film produced at Ringling College of Art and Design for Jonathan Holt’s senior thesis.
Ora di cene: il nostro amico a quattro zampe non si accontenterà di altri croccantini…
The Dog and [...]

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GIANNA RUGGIERO – Gretel & Hanzel

Gretel is seeking her brother Hänsel in the woods. The outcome might not please her. Or maybe yes…
The short movie is the work of Gianna Ruggiero, her graduation film at the Ringling College of Art.
The magnificent soundtrack is Ground Stump by the folk metal band O’Death.
Gretel è in cerca di suo fratello Hänsel nei boschi. [...]

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CHRIS NABHOLZ – Respire, Mon Ami

Je t’aimerai pour toujours.

FPS Magazine has a great round up of all the movies featured at Siggraph ‘07 and available online at the moment. Have a look!
One of them is this “nicely sick” short movie, Respire, Mon Ami (Breathe, My Friend) by Ringling College student Chris Nabholz, which was also a finalist at the Student [...]

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Suddenly, the leg of a robot starts acting on its own will. The poor machine is then forced to break its schemes…
An ode to individualism? Or just the realization that every revolution changes things so everything stays the same, as in Il Gattopardo? Well, maybe it’s “just” another sweet short to enjoy…
The movie is [...]

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Man versus Nature: The Road To Victory!

“A small vine grows on the edge of a cliff, completely unaware of the ruthless upheaval in its future. The vine becomes curious of the new presence in the distance, when suddenly its world is completely turned upside down. The result is a life and death struggle between humans [...]

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Hiccups are at schools, learning about all the techniques and the tricks human try to get rid of them.
Probably not the state of the art, but I still remember this short for his funny story and the characters animation.
The author is Jessica Sances, former student of the Ringling School, who worked later on Dreamworks animated [...]

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HYUN-HO CHOI – Grandma`s Happy Fist

Once upon a time…

Hey ya floks! Missed me? Posting stuff will be little less than regular in the next few (I hope) days.
Here’s a short movie from the Class of 2004 of the Ringling School. The author is Hyun-Ho Choi.
We’ll see how Little Red Riding Hood faces the big bad wolf with her new skills [...]

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NARA YOUN – Ma Cherie!

The movies from the class of 2006 at Ringling School of Art and Design are online. So it’s time for a new cross-blogged post.
Ma cherie! it’s the work of Nara Youn. We’ll see a little girl trying to reach for some little sweet treat; but the chef have to overdo it…
And now, if you’ve find [...]

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Little short animated movie by Thelvin Cabezas, with intriguing visuals and a charming, bittersweet story.
There are two unseen narrators: an excitable child and a parent who wants to cut down and send the child to bed. As the child describes Bogo’s wondrous adventures, we see Bogo in action. But the parent’s voice intrudes on each [...]

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