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MIKE SCOTT – Happy Land

Mister Heavy would like to reach for his friends on Happy Island, but he don’t know how to cross the sea. Mister Sun will come and shine some wisdom on the poor fellas.

Happy Land is a 2D animated kids show. Quite creepy, if you ask me, in the way I feel Teletubbies are creepy.

Featured here is the pilot episode created and animated in 2007 by Mike Scott at Bru & Boegie. Voices by Toko Moeketsi and story and music by David Scott.

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That`s Magic: Teaser

Coming Soon

TAG: Tutti i post su That’s Magic.
DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica That’s Magic – Teaser.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 11 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica That’s Magic – Teaser.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH (GOOD Q.): Guarda That’s Magic Teaser in finestra.[Formats: Flash Video, Quicktime]
CODECS: Ogg – [...]

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BRANDON McCORMICK – The Watchmaker’s Son

Somewhere between a tock and a tick,When a boy became a man in a day.The Watchmaker learned that his father was sick,Years after inheriting his trade.

“A fairy-tale about the desire to love and be loved, all while pursuing our own emperors gold watch.”
A Burton-esque short film directed by Brandon McCormick, produced at Whitestone.
Cast: Zachary Burke [...]

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Mall of America: Holidays

Over ten thousand candy bars…

All candy and no meat makes DeK something something…
Another nicely animated spot, from Todd Hemker and Soyeon Kim at Yellowshed. Previously: The Drive.
Solo caramelle e niente carne rendono DeK pazzo furioso…
Altro spot animato da Todd Hemker e Soyeon Kim presso Yellowshed. In precedenza: The Drive.

thanks Todd!

DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Holidays.[Format: MPEG-4 [...]

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Mall of America: The Drive


Faster, mommy! Faster! They’re gonna buy all the best toys and leave us with the scum.
A nicely animated spot, the work of Todd Hemker and Soyeon Kim at Yellowshed.
Presto mamma! O gli altri si comprano tutti i giocattoli belli e a noi lasciano quelli brutti.
Uno spot ottiamente animato, opera di Todd Hemker e Soyeon Kim [...]

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Der Struwwelpeter: The Story of the Thumb Sucker

The thumb was in, Alack! Alack!

I never sucked my thumb, as a child. My fingers were too busy picking my nose…
The short movie, written and illustrated by Bob Staake, has been produced and directed by Wyld Stallyons.
The story is taken from Der Struwwelpeter, a book of nursery rhymes by Heinrich Hoffman, that can be read [...]

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Into a deep dark world we fall,so dark that we can’t see at all…

Darkness and light conjure a claustrophobic metaphore of our existence in Ori Ben-Shabat’s latest piece called BOXeD.
Voice over (and more) by Mike Tate. Produced at Spy Films.
Luce ed oscurità evocano una claustrofobica metafora della nostra esistenza nell’ultimo di Ori Ben-Shabat, intitolato BOXeD.
Doppiaggio [...]

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Scion xD: Fable

Here come the little deviants!

“In this cinema spot, a dark fairy tale depicts the gruesome slaughter of the boring sheeple at the hands of Scion’s menacing little deviants.”
The video has been realized at Shilo Design for creative agency Attik. It is accompained by an interactive website called Book of Deviants. Voiceover: Richard Stanners. Complete credits [...]

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Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy,Born on a Monday,Christened on Tuesday,Married on Wednesday,Took ill on Thursday,Grew worse on Friday,Died on Saturday,Buried on Sunday.That was the end ofof Solomon Grundy.

Solomon Grundy is a 19th century children’s nursery rhyme, and was presented by James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps in 1842. The poem is essentially a riddle in which the life of Solomon Grundy [...]

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KIM LEOW – Emily

She’s so lucky!

When I put this short movie on Milk and Cookies last week, the post rushed to the front page, where 2657 viewers clicked it by now. Good, ain’t it?
Emily is a cute little girl who doesn’t like going to school. And she’s so lucky that her parents let her do what she prefers. [...]

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Tower of Grantville

“A sort Suessian fairy tale with awesome illustration, character design and animation, and a pretty sinister vibe.”
Another pretty promotional short movie realized by Buck for
“Una specia di fiaba alla Dr. Seuss, con illustrazioni, personaggi ed animazioni stupende, ed una atmosfera sinistra.”
Altro bel cortometraggio promozionale di Buck per il sito

via Motionographer

LINK: Visita il sito [...]

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MARC GRAVAS – Show and Tell

A day, at the school. Earl is called for a public speaking: he have to show stuff he collected during the week and tell his fellows about that stuff. Despite of his fears, he’ll end having the best day of his life. Since then, at least.
Based on an original idea by Breadley Trevor Greive, the [...]

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Gertie Gutless

A nice short animated movie about Gertie, a little girl living in a dark world. She finds refuge in a swingset on the hill…
This movie is the work of three students of Digipen Institute of Technology: Kevin Dart (his last work is on the character s of Evil Dead: Regeneration), Chris Turnham (currently working for [...]

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Deep in the Indian ocean,all scary and black,lives an old octopus,with a tree in it’s back.

Otto is an octopus island where all the Piranha birds live on. His broken heart has mad him so mean that he eats piranhas even when he’s not hungry… (Source: CG Society)
Amazing short animation by The Blackheart Gang, the collaborative [...]

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