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Boy – Joey

A music video animated and directed by Fluorescent Hill.

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Nike Jordan: Nightmares Never Sleep

The basketball court becomes the theater of a horrific scene when Dwyane Wade goes berserk and out of control.

The spot has been directed by Adam Berg and produced by Emma Wilcockson at Smuggler. Editor:
Paul Hardcastle at Whitehouse. Director of Photography: Joost Van Gelder. Post Production: MPC. Creative agency: W+K.

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The Secret World: Demon Trailer

Actually dark days are already here, but perhaps contradicting a chick with a shotgun is not a clever idea.

The second trailer for The Secret World, an online RPG developed by Funcom, first shown at the Penny Arcade Expo 2009.

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[REPOST] Prototype: Cinematic Intro

It’s aliiiiiive!!!

His name is Alex Mercer. He’s the reason for everything you’re about to see. They call him a killer, a monster, a terrorist. He’s all of these things.
Prototype is an interesting game with elements of Half Life (you vs the monsters vs the army), Mirror’s Edge (free running) and I guess many other…
Developed by [...]

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You know I’m lost without you.

It is sad to lose somebody you love. But perhaps it’s even sadder to find him again. Or maybe not.
Lost and Found is a short film by Filip Piskorzynski starring Eve Dufaud, Maxime Mallet and Alix Lieury.
The film was shot in October 2008 during the Kino Kabaret, between Paris, La [...]

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Birdpen – Breaking Precedent

Blatant ignorancereaching deathperhaps everyone needs.

In a post apocalyptic world somebody is still singing the disconnected story of the human race. A surviving reminiscence, perhaps an admonition for all the other living things.
BirdPen are Mike Bird, Dave Pen and James Livingston Seagull. Breaking Precedent is featured on their latest album On/Off/Safety/Danger.
The music video was directed by [...]

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The Adventures of Loki – My Black Dog

Did you know that? The Big Bad Wolf is in fact Little Red Riding Hood’s shadow.
The Adventures of Loki is Brigit Colton (Bass), Rachel Parsons (Drums) and vocalist Steve Wade.
The music video has been directed by Adam York Gregory at The Flowfield Unity.
Lo sapevate? Il lupo cattivo, in effetti, era l’ombra di Cappuccetto Rosso. Sappiatelo.
Gli [...]

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MARCO BESAS – La leyenda del espantapájaros

Un cuerpo de palo, dos ramas sin hojas come brazos,una larga bufanda a rayas rojas y una calabazacon grandes ojos tristones es nuestro protagonista:el espantapájaros.

Here’s an old fashioned fable, the story of a scarecrow whose life changes forever when he decides to be a friend of the birds.
La leyenda del espantapájaros (The Legend of the [...]

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The Ballad of Lettice Finding and Oscar Cutlet

HD Video available in the underneath links

The ill fated (damn fate, is always ill) story of two lovers, “wine, guns and repercussions.”
The band is called Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau and is led by Seth Bedford.
The Ballad of Lettice Finding and Oscar Cutlet is featured an their debut full length album, eponymous like all debut albums.
The [...]

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The short movie “Tir Na Nog” has been realized by Fursy Teyssier at the Emile Cohl school.

Soundtrack: The Slow Wait by The American Dollar. Sound design and mix: Yan Volsy. Voices: Johanna Rousset.

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