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Nissan Qashqai: Playground

The spot was directed by Daniel Kleinman and produced at Rattling Stick. Post production: Framestore CFC. Creative agency: TBWA. The song is Sempre libera from Giuseppe Verdi’s opera La traviata.

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Vodafone: Cartwheel (Turning Time)

Make the most of now.

Were you listening to me, folks? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?
The spot has been directed by Ringan Ledwidge and produced by Sally Humphries at Rattling Stick.
Creative agency: BBH, London. Creative Director: Nick Gill. Agency Producer: Davud Karbassioun.
Director of Photography was Franz Lustig. Edited by Richard [...]

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Orange: Rewind

What if…

Time changes its rules thanks to people of good will. Must add that the first time I saw the commercial, I was disappointed to find out what it actually was for.
The spot was directed by Ringan Ledwidge and produced by Sally Humphries at Rattling Stick and by Nancy Gabriel at Wanda.
Creative agency: Publicis, [...]

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Hovis: Go on Lad

As good today as it’s always been.

A century of historical events in this spot, as the lad travels through time following bakers in the 1890s, the 1953 Coronation, the 1984 miners’ strike and ending with the millennium firework display in 2000.
Creative agency: MCBD, London. Creative director: Danny Brooke-Taylor. Creative: Danny Hunt and Gavin Torrance. Producer: [...]

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Don’t Disappoint the Stork!

That poor bird risked all its feathers for you, so: what are you doing with your life, uh?
The spot was directed by Daniel Kleinman and produced by Johnnie Frankel at Rattling Stick.
Visual effects and telecine were brilliantly handled at Framestore. Creative agency: BBDO, New York.
Il povero uccello ha rischiato le penne per [...]

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Drench: Brains Dance

Rhythm is a dancer,it’s a soul’s companion,you can feel it everywhere
Lift your hands and voicesfree your mind and join usyou can feel it in the air.

Brains, from Gerry Anderson’s puppet classic Thunderbirds, performs “some pretty amazing dance moves” to the sound of the Snap’s Rhythm is a dancer.
The spot has been directed by Ringan Ledwidge [...]

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Lux: Neon Girl

For luminous skin sensation.

The story of a modern Cinderella is told is told with the most complex neon sign you’ll never ever see.
Created by Buenos Aires based agency Santo for the Argentinean market, the 60-second spot was directed by Daniel Kleinman for Rattling Stick.
The big gig has been designed and animated by Dale Newton and [...]

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Levis: Dangerous Liaison

You’ve seen it all around the web, but now it is available at a decent quality at Beam TV.
Love goes thru time and fashions. But never changes brand, as you can guess…
Commercial directed by Ringan Ledwidge and produced by Rattling Stick. Post production made at The Mill. Editor: Richard Orrick.
The song is Strange Love by [...]

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