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Samsung F480 Touchwiz: Paradise Lost

Can’t get a piece of peace of mind in this world. Not even on another world. There’s only one solution: chicks!!!
A viral video (also known as Drag and Drop World) directed by Pat Beirne and produced by Jon Stopp at The Viral Factory.
Animated by Pat Beirne, assisted by Gemma Manger, David Shute and Eleonore [...]

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Farmer`s: Future

This is a movie.In real life things are not indestructible.

LOL! I guess they’re gonna put warnings like this on every action movie soon…
The commercial was directed by Martin Weisz at Weird Pictures. Advertising agency: Accent Marketing.
Edited by Joel Marcus (assisted by Ryan McGuire) at Cutters, via Raging Artists.
Visual effects by Zach Mandt (and others) at [...]

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Hyundai: Life Shapes

For whatever shape life takes…

New York dance group Pilobolus was recruited to perform in this shape shifting commercial from the last year.
The director was Jörn Threlfall at Outsider USA, via Raging Artists. Director of photography: Tobias Schliessler. Executive producer: Jonathan Ker.
Editor: Hal Honigsberg at Chrome. Colorist: Gino Panaro at Rushes. Visual effects: Moving Pixels. Music: [...]

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Centraal Beheer: Acupuncture

Just call us.

Here’s one of those ads (made one year ago) that stick in your head for how clever it is. All begins when a man visits an acupuncture expert. Just as the building is going up in flames.
The ad was directed by Bart Timmer at the Dutch company Czar. He is also represented in [...]

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No Stank You: Stank a Lot!

Wanna do something?

Don’t let Sir Stank a Lot become an obstacle between you and the girl you want to score with. There’s no match against him.
Stank a Lot is one out of four spots of the No Stank You campaign for the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Washington State Department of Health.
The spot was directed [...]

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Want2BSquare: Hammer

Sometimes, the only way to win is by giving up. And in fact, I gave up and decided to post yet another viral in the Want2Bsquare series.
The spot was directed by Larry Frey at Chelsea Pictures. Director of photography: David Morrisson.
Edited by Doug Walker at Film Core Editorial. Creative agency: Attik.
Visual effects realized at [...]

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Stefane Monzon: Fashion Show

It’s what’s on the outside that counts.

This mockumentary purports to chronicle the latest work of fictional designer Stefane Monzön, whose canvas is hair, specifically pubic hair. (Source: Raging Artists)
This viral video for Remington have been directed by James Rouse at The Viral Factory. Editor was Justin Trovato at Jigsaw.
The song is NAPT’s Rock Your Style.
Finto [...]

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Michel Gondry, Eternal Dreamer

I’m a dreamer, but I’m not a very good sleeper…

Partizan and Olivier Gondry are developing a new campaign for Hewlett Packard via creative agency Goodby & Silverstein, building upon the previous Hands, realized by Motion Theory.
Visual effects are the work of Eight VFX, Santa Monica, California. Such a lovely place? Editor was Olivier Gajan at [...]

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