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IDN Magazine: Bird

Magazine wants a cracker…

This one is to celebrate the 100th issue of the IdN magazine. Produced at Hardcuore and created by Breno Pineschi and Rafael Cazes.

Music and sound design: João Brasil and Nado Leal. Designer Assistant: Tamires Marino.

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do bem: Suco de Açaí

The MIDI wafers spot, following Suco de laranja, was created and directed by Hardcuore. Designed and animated by Breno Pineschi and Rafael Cazes.

The song is Tic Tic Tac originally by Carrapicho, reinterpreted by João Brasil.

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Do bem: Suco de laranja

Shaked, not twisted!

Breakbeats on the breakfast turntable. What does that mean? Lots of fun. And a pain the ass for me to translate.
The spot has been designed and animated by Breno Pineschi and Rafael Cazes. Art direction and Creation: Hardcuore.
Sound and music: João Brasil.
Le basi del DJ incontrano l’acido citrico del succo d’arancia in questo [...]

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Viver Design em São Paulo: Substância

Seventh in a series of eight shorts made by eight Brazilian designers for the KM M MM event by Nöos.
Substância was directed by Rafael Cazes and produced at Ratlabs. Sound design: Alexandre Pereira, Tritono.
Settimo di una serie di otto film realizzati da otto designer brasiliani per l’evento KM M MM di Nöos.
Substância è stato [...]

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