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Something Left, Something Taken

Hey there! Pardon the little break. I thought I could start the week with this “animated dark comedy about a vacationing couple’s encounter with a man they believe to be the Zodiac Killer.” I guess that happens at least once to everyone of us.

Something Left, Something Taken is an awesome and crafty animated short film created by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata AKA Tiny Inventions. Be warned: every time you’ll blink your eyes, you lose something cool.

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MTV: Rockgol

A tongue in cheek ident for a soccer themed show aired on MTV Brazil. The amount of details crashed my encoder twice. Or perhaps it’s just the heat. The clip has been directed, produced and animated (and everything else) at Animatório.

This animation is not random but based on some expressions commonly used on Brazilian sports TV programs. The cannon: strong kick; the fat guy on the bath: striker that doesn’t leave the goal area; the chicken: a goalkeeper’s blunder goal; the judge whistling the $: a regular goal that was annulled because the judge was bought; the top hat: the sports club manager that has bought the judge; the radio: that was thrown by someone who was watching the game.

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Tails of the Fat Cat

That’s not a very happy ending for music

Oh, these felines are insatiable. I know of a cat that would gladly make a law to make cat food of all the food available, if he just happened to be hungry enough.
The spec spot for National Association of Broadcasters‘ campaign against Performance Tax for radio stations was [...]

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TV1: Sausage Party

The work of Sixty40, this ident for Australian TV1 celebrates the culture of the backyard barbecue including listening to the cricket, highly flammable accelerants, blokey jostling and impromptu cricket matches.

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N.A.M.B. – Radiorace

Presented in VHS-Scope, here’s an “animation telling the story of BMAN, a little naive robot dragged by chance in to the dark and scary world of the radio. Will our hero find his way back home?”

NAMB is a band from Turin, Italy, comprised of Davide Tomat, Luca Cognetti, Silvio Franco and Andrea Ghio. Radiorace is a single from their second album, entitled BMAN, a concept album about the struggle of a robot for musical freedom.

The music video has been directed and edited by Francesco Calabrese at Souljacker. Animation: Francesco Boerio and Fabio Tonetto. Sound design: G.U.P. Alcaro.

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You’ve probably heard before that music can save your life, but it has never been as true as in this story, where a lightvessel is left with no lightbulbs in a stormy night.
Light Fidelity was Ignatz Johnson Higham’s graduation film at Camberwell College of Arts; he studied graphic design and works (as a graphic [...]

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3FM: Graffiti


Dutch radio 3FM adds more than a touch of colour to the world. A lot more.
Creative directors and designers: Nando Costa and Linn Olofsdotter. Live action director by Nando Costa and shoot with a still Nikon camera in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now, he has his own design studio, Nervo.
Animation Studio: Nakd. Animators: Renato Ferro, [...]

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