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Motus et bouche cousue

I guess we all have had our share of moments like this in our life, the moment when enough is enough and nobody, nothing’s gonna make you change your mind. Again.

Motus et bouche cousue (Sealed Lips) is a short film by three students of the Gobelins school: Adrien Soyty Liv, Grégory Mougne and Coline Veith.

Voices: Adrien Beau and Anthony Menard. The the musical tracks are entitled: Picolo Porto and Petits Rats.

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Behind the Scenes of Roboboy

Behind the Scenes of Roboboy, the commercial for Persil directed by Philippe Andre with visual effects by The Mill.

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Playing for the Planet: Recycling


“One of a series of short films [...] created by Disney to introduce very young children to the idea of thinking more ecologically through play…”
Written, designed and directed by Grant Orchard and produced at Studio Aka.
“Uno di una serie di corti [...] creati da Disney per introdurre i bambini in tenera età ad un modo [...]

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NICK HILLIGOSS – L`animateur

Tree, Apple, and Fall.

“A travelling Fool takes his puppet stage to a desert planet. In this retelling of the myth [of Adam and Eve], eating the apple is an essential step towards changing from puppet to human, and part of his plan from the beginning.”
“The French title was chosen because in addition to the meanings [...]

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Because your desire for perfection will always be frustrated. Because sometimes you just have to let things be.
Yet another take on the loving robots, but with something to say in his own voice.
Instants is a short movie by two students of the French school EESA: Bastien Brenot and Nicolas Maligne.
Music composed by Nicolas Auger. [...]

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ABBA – Our Last Video Ever

The winner takes it allThe loser standing smallBeside the victoryThat’s her destiny.

This music video was released in 2004 to celebrate ABBA’s 30 years after winning the Eurovision Song Contest with their song Waterloo. Other songs featured: Take A Chance On Me, Dancing Queen, The Winner Takes it All.
The director was Calle Åstrand. Written by: [...]

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Puppet ShowNew Family Member!Tonight Only.

“A dark tale, set in an enchanted land, of a young girl named Sophie (Emma Bakke) who is beginning a new life with her mysterious uncle Algernon (Clayton Corzatte). She soon discovers her uncle’s infatuation for bizarre puppetry and spectacle.”
Numb has been written and directed by Matt Daniels. Edited by Adam [...]

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The Fish Heads Fugue and Other Tales for Twilight

“Through the device of a magic puppet theater, a small seer orchestrates a child’s journey deep into a multilayered world of the imagination.”
To add something to this bare description is very hard. The short has a fascinating visual style that hooked my onw eyes to the screen during the six minutes the movie runs. [...]

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RICARDO BIRIBA – Run Dragon, Run!!

A dragon is plundering some fruit for his meal, when a raging mob breaks in to fight. In this cases there’s only one thing to do: RUN!
Run, Dragon, Run!!! was produced by Ricardo Biriba as a Graduation Project for the Master in Animation he took at Academy of Art College, in San Francisco. (Source: [...]

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Over Time

Over Time is an amazing short movie written, directed, animated and edited by three Supinfocom students: Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland and Damien Ferrié. An obvious hommage to Jim Henson.

The songs in the soundtrack: Inconsolable by The Silberman Orchestra; Shien vi di l’vone and Eli Eli by Cyril Ornadel and the Starlight Symphony Orchestra.

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La legende de la pierre qui tourne

Some tales can never be forgotten…

Whew, I spent half day on a movie (finding, encoding, uploading and cursing) just to find out, at the very last moment, that the clip had the wrong aspect ratio. You may not care, but I do. I’ll work it out soon, don’t worry. And now…
Another short from Supinfocom Promo [...]

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