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Dante’s Inferno: Movie Trailer

Dante’s Inferno is a comedy film performed with hand-drawn paper puppets on a toy theater stage.

The film is adapted from the book Dante’s Inferno by Sandow Birk and Marcus Sanders, a modern update of the epic poem, followed by Purgatorio and Paradiso.

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You expect me to believe that?!?

Some dude (Simon Carroll Jones) is late and misses the bus for his girlfriend’s house. Trying to arrive in time will bring him in a breathtaking adventure.
Sorry I’m Late is a stop animated short film directed by Tomas Mankovsky. Director of photography: Trevor Forrest.
Executive producer: James Studholme at Blink. Sound [...]

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Get Happy Product Now


“The story of an inventor who lives in a drab, colorless world. Day by day, he toils away in a harsh, dehumanizing job, his only savior being the memories of the bliss of childhood.”
“But at night, he works secretly on an invention that could help him relive those memories and spread their [...]

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Archangel – Do it Again

In the morning you go gunningFor the man who stole your waterAnd you fire till he is done inBut they catch you at the border….


Follow the ludicrous adventures of a tiny post it man. (Yes, I just wanted to use the word “ludicrous”…)
Do it Again, a cover of Steely Dan’s song, is a single by [...]

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eFTe radzi: Do not Risk. Recycle

Nie ryzykuj segreguj

It came from the rubbish… And since you can’t get something out of nothing, that should mean that rubbish is something.
Essi arrivano dalla spazzatura… E siccome non si ottiene nulla dal nulla, significa che che la spazzatura deve essere qualcosa.

TAG: Tutti i post su eFTe radzi.
DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Don’t Risk. Recycle.[Format: MPEG-4 [...]

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EGOR ABRAMENKO – Polaroid Love


The world seems to be more beautiful seen while listening to Starless, or thru the eyes of the one you love. Or, perhaps, thru the lens of a Polaroid camera.
Polaroid Love is a short movie written and directed by Egor Abramenko, previously here with The Collector.
Cast: Yaroslav Zhalnin, Natalia Rusinova, Aleksey Bochenin, Ivan Sokolov, Olga [...]

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Betty Boop: Judge for a Day

Court in the Order!

“Betty is the cleaner a the local courthouse. On the bus ride to work one day, she grows tired of all the liberties her fellow citizens take. She falls asleep and dreams about what she’d do if she were the judge.”
A Betty Boop cartoon directed by Dave Fleischer and produced by Max [...]

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Gol: Lagartas

Chega um dia em que todo mundo descobre como é fácil voar.

A caterpillar is yearning and then learning to fly. Just like one day the whole world will…
The spot has been directed by Nando Cohen and produced at Vetor Zero.
Creative agency: Almap BBDO. Creative directors: Marcello Serpa and Cássio Zanatta.
Un bruco desidera e poi impara [...]

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Bana Panic! – Episode 1: Crush Hour

Harmless Fun!

So, as I told T. I looked into the variable frame rate issue and apparently found the solution to be very easy. Also, I readily found a great clip to experiment with.
Crush Hour is the pilot episode of Bana Panic!, a series of online cartoons set in the peaceful Bana Republic. Well, not so [...]

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H&R Block: Paperman Story

Need some help?

Once he was blind but now he can see he was just covered in sheets of paper all over.
The spot has been directed by Nic Finlayson and produced by Phil Liefting at Film Construction.
Executive producer: Roy De Giorgio. Director of photography: Ian Paul. Editor: Sam Brunette.
Creative agency: Razor Junior, Sydney. Creative director: Josh [...]

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Made in YU: Main Titles

Cell animated title sequence for Made in Yu, a feature film directed by Miko Lazić.
It’s the work of Armin Osmancevic and Niklas Rissler at Swedish studio Werk.
“The aim was to tell a story about what happened before the events in the film, which revolve around a former Yugoslavian family that came to Sweden in [...]

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Honda Jazz: London

I’ve never had so much fun in my life.

She doesn’t drink too much…
Spot directed by Glenn Melenhorst at Iloura. Producer and visual effects supervisor: Julian Dimsey. Lead animator: Nick Tripodi. Flame compositor: Kim Fogelberg.
Sound mixed by Paul Baxter at Risk Sound with producer Kath Momsen. Music: Jamie Masters and Stephen Patmanby at Adelphoi Music, London. [...]

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Sportfreunde Stiller – Antinazi Bund

A skinhead (Holger Dexne) learns to win his fears and appreciate the differences. That’s the power of love.
Sportfreunde Stiller is a German rock band from Germering, near Munich. Members: Peter Brugger, Florian Weber, Rüdiger Linhof.
Antinazi Bund was initially released as a stand alone single, then included in an extended version of their latest album, [...]

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Sprint: City Lights

…in less than a second!

Another light doodle commercial for Sprint, it appeared a bit before Monsters of Nascar.
Directed by Nieto and Marc Wilikins at Paranoid US. Direct. of photography: Marc Wilkins. Animators: Nieto, Taik Lee, Jason Brubaker. Editor: Justin Fong.
Colorist: Sean Coleman at Company 3. Post production made at BUF and Demiurge. Creative agency: Goodby, [...]

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Yellowshed: New York Times Spec Spot

So much to learn!So little time

Don’t miss the bus for knowledge, jump on and take a ride. Even two if you want…
The short clip is a spec spot (not a real commercial) for the New York Times, made by Todd Hemker at Yellowshed.
BONUS: Download Yellowshed’s signature animation. It’s short but juuuuuuicy.
Non perdere l’autobus del sapere. [...]

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