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Orangina: Naturally Juicy

I guess it goes without saying that when you get the opportunity tospray Orangina all over the chest of a sexy bunny girl, you go for it.Todd Mueller

There’s a lot of juice in this commercial, but also some pulp. Tons of pulp, actually.
The commercial was directed by Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick. Produced by Stink [...]

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Coke: Happiness Factory

We are the factory of happiness and joyWe make everything just everythingTo make you happy boy…

And here’s the 90 second spot that started it all, where you’ll learn how “many snowmen had to die in such a horrible way for the sake of refreshment”. (Quote by Jaxon)
The spot was (again) directed by Psyop’s Todd Mueller [...]

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Happiness Factory: The Movie

The Coke side of life.

Psyop further devevops the fantasy world created for the Happiness Factory spot (followed by the funny mockumentary) and shows us some more magic.
The movie was directed by Psyop’s Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick, with the live action bits made by Andreas Hoffman at Seven Senses. The campaign was developed at W+K [...]

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Miller Genuine Draft: Conversation

I know I’m on trialSo kick it around for a while.

UPDATE: Jan Mathias Steinforth just sent me the right credits. Thanks!
Who’s born round doesn’t die square, but you can always learn from trial and error…
A beautiful work of animation and motion graphics produced at Psyop and directed by Damon Ciarelli and Marie Hyon. Designers: Mate [...]

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Nike: The Line

There’s a line we all have to cross.

I was preparing something special for tonight, but I’m still not ready.
In the meanwhile, here’s a cool spot produced at Psyop and Blacklist, directed by Cisma and featuring the NFL player Troy Polamalu. Creative agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland.
Preparavo qualcosa di speciale per stasera, ma non sono [...]

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Coke: Inside the Happiness Factory

Do you think sharks can swim in coke?

Happiness Factory is a 60″ commercial realized last year by Psyop for Coca Cola.
Now, we are given the opportunity to meet the guys who worked so hard to spread happiness all around.
The short mockumentary has been produced, once again, by Psyop. Directors: Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick. Creative [...]

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Siemens: Building Blocks

Turning dreams into reality.

Stuff is flying thru the air to achieve innovative solutions and show how pervasive technology is.
The piece was directed by Psyop’s Marco Spier and Mass Market’s Chris Staves. Designers: Mato Bilic and Jonathan Garin. The editor was Gary Knight at Final Cut.
The ad is available in a 30″ and 60″ cut.
Roba che [...]

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Motley Bird: Kama Saga

A viral video for an energy drink I posted on M&C some time ago, as Pollinating Birds.
An avian ballet that may have sprung from the sexually charged paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe. (Source: Stash 28)
The commercial, conceived by Third Skin agency, has been directed by Marie Hyon and Marco Spier at Psyop, based on illustrations by [...]

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Coke: Doggy

This spot “stars a burping, scratching, farting mutt full of bad attitude and filthy teeth. His whole body exudes NO! literally.” But then he founds a bottle of Coke.
Doggy is part of the Coke Side of Life campaign, ideated by agency Wieden + Kennedy.
It was produced at Psyop and directed by Mato Bilic. The song [...]

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PSYOP – Come for Brazil

The Internet is for porn!The Internet is for porn!Why you think the net was born?Porn! Porn! Porn!

Sorry, but no screen shot can capture the spirit of this piece of motion graphic: it’s all in the motion. And in the graphics too…
The author is the New York collective Psyop, previously here with Drift and Anthem.
The clip [...]

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PSYOP – Drift

Named and posted as well!
Creative collective Psyop created Drift, a minute long art film for Bombay Sapphire Gin.
Drift takes viewers on a floating visual journey, presenting elements of Bombay Sapphire’s branding along the way. (Source: Blue Vertical Studio)
Psyop created a meditation that’s also a love story: a man and woman have a connection but never [...]

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PSYOP – Anthem

Persuade. Change. Influence.

A catchy song about the ‘evils’ of advertising made by people who does advertising…
This piece can be found, along with a lot of cool stuff, on OneDotZero Select DVD 3.
Canzoncina acchiappante sui “mali” della pubblicità, da chi la pubbilicità la fa…
Questo pezzo, insieme ad altra roba fica, lo si trova su OneDotZero Select [...]

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