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Happiness Factory 3: Yawnbusters

The spot has been directed and produced by Psyop. Creative agency: Wieden Kennedy. Director of Photography: Federico Barbabosa. Editor: Brett Nicoletti.

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Stella Artois: Dove

The spot has been produced and directed by Psyop in a co-production with Stink. Director of Photography: Darran Tiernan. Designer: Kimberly Dulaney. Music Composer: Paul Leonard-Morgan. Sound: 750mph. Creative agency: Lowe Roche.

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Coca Cola: Mr. Happy in “Cloud”

Mr. Happy finds his little friend being rained upon by a cloud. Turning his clay body into a ladder, Mr. Happy’s generosity allows for his friend to climb up onto the cloud and get out of the stormy weather.”

Spot for Coke, directed by Zoe Wishart and produced at Psyop.

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Coca Cola: Mr. Happy in “Suit”

Some fake claymation from Psyop. More coming. Can’t get the name of the song…

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Dante`s Inferno: Go To Hell

E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle.

Dante is at it again, fighting his way through the shores of hell to gain back his beloved Beatrice.
Even tho’, as far as I remember, the Comedia was slightly different last time I checked…
Anyway, this is the new (well, not quite anymore) cinematic trailer made by Psyop for the [...]

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Coke: Heist

As if insects weren’t already annoying enough, crawling and flying and buzzing around while you’re trying to relax. (In next year installment they’ll steal a whole picnic basket and manage to frame Yogi Bear up for it.)
The spot has been directed and produced at Psyop. Creative directors: Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick. It was aired during [...]

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Audi Q5: Synchronized

Perfectly synchronised engineering.

Psyop shows “the principle of synchronicity” (Einstein wouldn’t approve) and finds “interesting ways to create real images of driving using thousands of perfectly synchronized humans holding cards.”
Creative agency: Heimat, Berlin. Creative Directors: Marco Spier, Eben Mears at Psyop and Guido Heffels at Heimat.
3D Lead artist: Florian Witzel. Design: Anh Vu. Storyboard Artist: Ben [...]

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Stoli Blakberi: Airship

Fresh from the Motherland

It’s propaganda time!
The spot has been directed by Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick at Psyop. Produced by Mungo Maclagan at Stink and Luisa Murray at Psyop. Executive Producers: Neysa Horsburgh, Lucia Grillo.
Technical Director: David Chontos. Lead Composite: Matt Lavoy. Computer Graphics: Reeves Blakeslee, Angie Jones, Joon Lee, Grace Lee, Sarah Bockett.
2D: Chad [...]

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Converse: My Drive-Thru

So stick around cos we might miss youWhen we grow tired of all this visual.You had your time, you had the powerYou’ve yet to have your finest hour…

There’s the classical way to do things, and then there’s the Psyop way. Choose the one you like best. Or don’t. Why choose when you get the whole [...]

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Help the Honey Bees: Opera

Honey bees are dying.

“Honey bee populations are disappearing, endangering the natural foods they help pollinate — an amazing one third of all the food we eat.”
Häagen-Dazs launched the Help the Honey Bees initiative to raise awareness of the problem and hopefully find a solution.
The spot has been produced at Psyop. Directors: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, Laurent Ledru. [...]

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Renault: Fisherman

Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men…

A giant fisherman (actor O’Neal Compton) is using a very unusual bait for his purposes.
The spot has been directed by Eben Mears and produced at Psyop and Stink. Creative agency: Publicis, Paris. Visual effects by Mass Market.
Click for full credits, courtesy of Glossy.
Un pescatore gigante (l’attore [...]

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Unicef: Tap Project

Can you believe that guy?

“For World Water Day (March 22) Unicef launched the Tap Project, a campaign that celebrates the clean and accessible drinking water available as an every day privilege to millions, while helping UNICEF provide safe drinking water for children around the world.”
“Beginning Sunday, March 16 and culminating on March 22, restaurants [in [...]

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PSYOP – Happy Valentine Day


A short “based on O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi, directed by Psyop’s Todd Mueller and Jon Saunders and featuring the song Love in My Pocket by the VHS or BETA.”
Design: Jon Saunders. Storyline: Pete Sickbert Bennett, Todd Mueller, Jon Saunders. Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo. Producer: Nathan Jew.
Animation: Damon Ciarelli, Helen Choi, Eric Luhta. [...]

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Adidas Olympics: Zheng Zhi

I won’t let them down again.

The second in a series of four spots for the Adidas Olympics campaign (the first one was called Together) tells a story of demise and rebirth.
The spot was directed by Marie Hyon and Marco Spier and produced at Psyop and Stink for creative agency TBWA, Beijing.
Director of photography: Alex Melman. [...]

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Guinness: Dot

The advertisement was created by Irish advertising agency, Irish International BBDO. New York based, Psyop worked on the animation. The music featured in the ad is the Mr. Blue Sky track by Electric Light Orchestra.

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