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Lamborghini: The Pacemaker

At the dawn of time, when the universe was dark, an element arose over millions of years under extreme pressure: carbon. Exceptional, highly complex, present in all known life forms, and the foundation for a perfect material: carbon fiber.

Created at Sehsucht and directed by Hans Schultheiss and Ole Peters. Creative agency: Philipp & Keuntje.

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Jurannessic tells the story of a caveman, likely the first genius in history, who is responsible for the invention of cinema, animation and pornography, and for the urban legend that wants activities associated with the latter to cause blindness.
This is one of the short shorts realized by Gobelins students as trailers for the Annecy [...]

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KOK JOON WEN – Mimos and The Egg

Poor Mimos is sort of a prehistoric Wile E. Coyote. Except that he likes eggs best. Not that this will change anything for him.
Mimos & The Egg is a short animated movie by Kok Joon Wen. He did all the elements in the movie, during the course of 7 months.
Il povero Mimos è una [...]

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PAUL YAN – Egghunt

Egghunt is the tale of a hungry caveman on a quest to fill his stomach. He discovers a nest full of eggs and try to device something to reach them, when another caveman appears…
Egghunt is an animated short movie by Paul Yan based on his original story and featuring an original score by Yiannis Kranidiotis.
Born [...]

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