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SikitikiS – Piove deserto

Monsters will never get the girl in the end. It’s kind of a law of monster films, extended to music videos as well.
Sikitikis is an Italian band from Cagliari. The members are: Alessandro Spedicati, Gianmarco Diana, Enrico Trudu, Daniele Sulis.
Piove deserto is a song featured on their latest album, entitled B and released on 2008 [...]

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CERA – Petrol

Sono le cose che hai detto in silenzio,le cose che ancora non sai come dire.

Night on the beach. Him (David White) her (Giorgia Furbetta), the other. The other who? Well, that’s not an easy question to answer. Try digging at Obtusity.
Petrol is a supergroup formed by Dan Solo, bassist of Marlene Kuntz, by Franz Goria, [...]

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Not Suitable For Work.

Like Ajit before me, I’m not sure of what’s this all about (generations? Potentialities? Both?) but maybe the secret is to just sit and enjoy the show.
Nessuno is performed by Robertina and Gatto Ciliegia Contro il Grande Freddo (Cherry Cat vs. The Big Chill) and is a cover of the classic sung [...]

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