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KUNAL SEN – Key Tumi?

Caramel custard, ping pong and potty all play an important role in this charming animation by Kunal Sen about a young boy, exploring where he came from as he prepares for the performance of a lifetime

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Alpenliebe: Darling

Prepare to be taken to the planet of the apes, in the typical role reversal situation. But the Bollywood way.

Darling (actual title: Role Reversal) is a spot directed by Ram Madhvani and produced by Manoj Shroff at Equinox Films.

This version of the spot is the director’s cut. I’ve posted an alternate edit of the same spot, and on Youtube you’ll find the official version.

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Darling: Alternate Edit

Alternate edit for the director’s cut of the commercial Darling for Alpenliebe directed by Ram Madhvani.

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MARIE GRARD – La dernière danse

La dernière danse (The last dance) is a short animated film by Mary G. who did it during her last year of studies at the CGI Trainer school. Music: Aldo D. Platteau.

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Vespa: A Special Tour

Lividi e crampi in abbondanza,sai quanti graffi alla protuberanza.

Sometimes you travel thru history. And some other times you travel with history.
“A special tour through Italy, the world and the beautiful communication of the Vespa.”
A corporate video for Piaggio made in stop animation by Giacomo Salizzoni.
Soundtrack: the Finale from the Ouverture of William Tell by [...]

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Red Bull: The Can

Yes, we Can has.

Hey, when they say that it gives you wing I never realized it was meant in the Viagra way of giving wings…
The spot has been written and directed by Carlos Lascano as a part of a program Red Bull organized along with the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.
Quando dicevano che [...]

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Caravan Palace – Jolie Coquine

This video is so nice and not nasty at all…
Caravan Palace is what you get when three electronic musicians with a crush on jazz music meet.
The music video has been directed by Victor Haegelin and produced by Olivier Bassuet at Partizan Midi Minuit.
Director of Photography: Fabien Drouet. Animators: Elène Cardi and Dorian Gaudin. Set [...]

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Funkstorung – Punk Motherfucker


It’s not long since I featured Dirt Empire, from same director — Mathias Steinforth — for the same band — Funkstörung.
The music video sees a man (Ingmar Skrinjar) witnessing the strange behaviour of the poster he’s trying to attach.
Non è da molto che ho postato Dirt Empire, stesso regista — Mathias Steinforth — e [...]

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Need a hand stepping up the social ladder?

Once again, a second chance… I saw this movie some time ago (not that much, it was May) and almost ignored it. And now I love it. Go figure.
Trapped into a corporate poster, a guy spots the girl of his dreams in a writing on the other side [...]

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