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EPA: Creatividad

A spot for Brazilian design school EPA, produced at Vetor Zero and directed by Nando Cohen. Creative team: André Godoi, André Gola, Dulcidio Caldeira, Luiz Sanches at creative agency Almap BBDO.

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PES – Western Spaghetti

The movie has been written and directed by PES. Animation by PES and Javan Ivey. Editor: Sam Welch. Produced by: Sarah Phelps.

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Archangel – Do it Again

In the morning you go gunningFor the man who stole your waterAnd you fire till he is done inBut they catch you at the border….


Follow the ludicrous adventures of a tiny post it man. (Yes, I just wanted to use the word “ludicrous”…)
Do it Again, a cover of Steely Dan’s song, is a single by [...]

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The best thing I know is to do exactly what you wish for a while.

A love story set in a place that I learned to love, and I’m loving to learn.
A girl (Debora Antonaci) “misses her train to Milan and is set to wait overnight in Rome until dawn. A chance encounter with a guy [...]

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In the beginning was the Word. Through command line all things were made.
A short movie made in house at Cocoe. The song is Kein Trink Wasser by Orbital.
In principio era il verbo. Attraverso la linea di comando tutte le cose furono fatte.
Un corto realizzato dallo studio Cocoe. Il brano è Kein Trink Wasser degli Orbital.

© [...]

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The Sticky Note Experiments

Full HD Video available in the underneath links.

EepyBird (Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz), who started the Mentos and Diet Coke online frenzy, is now back with a new and colourful explosion of fun.
This time they’re using post-its, even though they don’t use this word because the video is sponsored by OfficeMax.
The video features Jamie Chung [...]

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Nike Plus: The Human Race 10K

Post-it notes people run on the windows of a store to boldly go where no man and blablabla…
Directed by Antonio Balseiro at Gazz and based on his previous work, Pixsale.
Director of photography: Santiago Melazzini. Music by Minivan. Animators: Carli Balseiro, Ale De Lamas, Pleii and Monroe.
Post production: Carli Balseiro, Pleii and Rafael D’Andrea. Executive [...]

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A Post It notes animation about a Post It notes animation. A short movie by Marc Russo at Magnaverse.
The music is from the title is Lifestyles, composed by Dean Barrett and Judy Whittaker.
Un’ animazione a post-it che parla di una animazione a post-it. Un corto di Marc Russo presso Magnaverse.
La musica viene da [...]

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MTN: Stickies

Go make magic!

“One million post-it notes, 90000 digital photographs, five kilometers of 35mm film, three weeks of editing, two months of 3D animation and another month of compositing went into” the making of this spot for a “major South Africa-based mobile telephone network operator”.
“Shot over five days in Johannesburg, each stop motion frame of the [...]

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