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Sorriso Maroto ft. Ivete Sangalo – E Agora Nós?

Sorriso Maroto is a Brasilian band, from Rio de Janeiro. “E Agora Nós?“, featuring Ivete Sangalo is a song from their latest album, entitled Sinais.

The music video has been made by Visorama.

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Volver – A sorte

A sorte sempre vemMe cobre de atencaoEu sei que você sabeSei que você sabe o que quer dizer.

Complete Credits

In the eternal battle between vinyls and tapes there can be one and only one winner.
Volver is a Brazilian rock band comprised of Bruno Souto, Fernando Barreto, Zeca Viana and Kleber Cróccia.
A sorte is a single [...]

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Dango Balango: Canto da sereia

Fishes and other sea creatures weave a contrapuntal framework for the song of the mermaid.
Canto da Sereia was sung by John Ulhôa and Fernanda Takai of the Brazilian band Pato Fu.
The music video has been made for Dango Balango, a TV program for the children.
Directed by Hudson Vianna and Tiago Alves. Director of photography: Paulo [...]

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ALE CAMARGO – A noite do vampiro

Mas nem doeu!

“A vampire tries to sleep, but a terrible predator approaches.” It’s interesting that vampires go to sleep after their morning rituals.
“Action, german expressionism and brocolli pizza”, in A noite do vampiro (The Night of the Vampire) an “award-winning short film by Alê Camargo.”
Soundtrack by Johann Sebastian Bach, Gioacchino Rossini and Georges Bizet.
Un vampiro [...]

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