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Our Choice: Global Warming

A short story about a family of polar bears. Created by Dewi Mariam and Christian Whiticar.

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WWF: Knock-on Effects (Dominoes)

“While going about his daily life, Colin has concerns of his own that he wants to express. By the simple act of writing, Colin and others like him can have a far-reaching impact on the wider world.”

Wyld Stallyons worked in collaboration with directors Yann Benedi and Celine Desrumaux to produce this animated video that is currently featured on the WWF site.

Creative agency: Bostock and Pollitt. Music: Paul James at Wafer Audio.

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We got five years, my brain hurts a lotFive years, that’s all we’ve got.

The lonely protagonist (Lee Pace) “is slowly flooded out of the ground floor of his home as he drinks tea and irons his pants. He calmly ascends each adjacent level as the water rises, only to finally be surprised by his ultimate [...]

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Quercus: Global Warming

Aquecimento global: se nós desistirmos, eles desistem.

A short spot that you may find brutal or hilarious, depending on how twisted is your mind.
Directed by Flavio Mac at Seagulls Fly. Creative agency: McCann Erickson Portugal.
Un breve spot che potreste trovare brutale o divertente, a seconda di quanto siete fuori di melone.
Diretto da Flavio Mac presso Seagulls [...]

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Diesel Kid: Seasonal

An oniric research of a treasure across imaginary landscapes is the concept of this videoclip, once again the work of Abstract Groove for a Diesel Kid campaign.
Un’onirica ricerca di tesori su paesaggi immaginari è il tema presente in questa videoclip, ancora una volta opera di Abstract Groove per una campagna Diesel Kid.


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RBC Blue Water Project: This Much

Let’s protect it together

This spot made me thirsty…
Directed by Convert, the collective created by Adam Bluming and signed to The Ebeling Group.
Creative director: Rich Scurry. Executive producer: Mick Ebeling. Producer: Amy Fahl.
Animation: Karolina Sobecka, Joshua Harvey (previously: Abridged) and Rich Scurry. Illustrations: Jon Klassen (previously: An Eye for Annai). Design: Jon Klassen and Rich Scurry.
Creative [...]

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The Animals Save the Planet: Insulation

Is your heating turned up too high?

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Insulation.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 5 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Insulation.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 8 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Polar Bear – Heating in finestra.[Format: Flash Video]
LINK: Visita The Animals Save the Planet.
LINK: Visita Aardman Animations Ltd.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime – Flash

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