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KYLE DOWNES – A Short Visual History of Videogames

But my mum says I’m cool!

“A 3 minute long visual essay (or whatever you call these things) about the history of videogame consoles, from 1972 when Ralph Baer invented the Odyssey with Bob Tremblay, to the launch of the current generation of consoles and beyond.”
Kyle Downes‘ major project for 3rd year of his Bachelor of [...]

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Playstation Network: Drawing Room

This is what could happen you play over the Playstation Network. I guess my mother would not exactly appreciate it…
The spot has been directed by Terry Hall and produced at Love, London. Director of photography: Kasper Tuxen.
Questo potrebbe succedere giocando sul Playstation Network. Immagino che mia madre non apprezzerebbe granché…
Lo spot è stato diretto [...]

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Amaze me: Sonny

Fitter, happier, more productive.

Your cassette walkman survived. And now is back. And he’ll take no prisoners. Or will he?
Sonny is Lovely Productions‘ entry for Sony PSP Amaze Me competition 2005, where they were among the winners.
Lovely Productions is Lorcan Finnegan, Steve Courtney and Brunella Cocchiglia.
The original performance, without the white background, can be found in [...]

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This is Living: Grenade

This new viral in the This is Living campaign for the PlayStation 3, introduces us to the eccentric cast of the show. TV and cinema spots will follow, and finally, a six minutes short movie should appear.
The commercial has been directed by Dante Ariola and produced at MJZ. Post production made at The Mill. The [...]

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Artcade: Head

Posted on Ticklebooth before, but worth a repost now that I got a better clip.
Starting from the print ad that won a Gold Lion at Cannes, TBWA Paris and Def2Shoot packaged these sexy and fascinating 30 seconds of CGI for Artcade, a gaming magazine.
The director is Thomas Marqué.
Postato già su Ticklebooth, ma merita un repost [...]

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