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Coca Cola: Mr. Happy in “Cloud”

Mr. Happy finds his little friend being rained upon by a cloud. Turning his clay body into a ladder, Mr. Happy’s generosity allows for his friend to climb up onto the cloud and get out of the stormy weather.”

Spot for Coke, directed by Zoe Wishart and produced at Psyop.

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Plastic Operator – Home 0207

Only fools never change their mindthey sit and wait for better times.

It’s a long way home…
Plastic Operator is Mathieu Gendreau and Pieter Van Dessel. Home 0207 is on their 2007 album, Different Places.
The music video has been directed by Pete Circuitt at Bitstate. Animation: Bill Sneed and Pete Circuitt.
La lunga strada verso casa…
I Plastic operator [...]

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