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ALBAN LELIEVRE – Les pingouins volent-ils?

Question stupide N°1

Does penguins fly? I don’t know. But if they can, I think I should try myself at it…
Here’s a short movie from a couple of years ago, produced at Planktoon studio and directed by Alban Lelièvre.
Animation: Fabrice Senia. Lighting: Sebastien Pribile and Vincent Duponchel. Compositing: Willy Bissainte and Sun Michel Limet.
Sound design: Jean [...]

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RooDouDou: Le telecommande


In the new cartoon from Planktoon (Magik Circus, Gotchi and Dootchi) husband and wife fight for the control. The TV remote control.
The short has been directed by Sun Michel Limet. Models by Alban Lelievre and Ronan Lelievre.
Animation: Alexandre Henri, Alban Lelievre, Fabrice Senia. Rendering: Aline Laguerre, Armelle Massonnet, Sebastien Pribile.
Sound: Jean Cristophe Bork, Brani & [...]

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Gotchi and Dootchi: La Bibliotheque

No Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye

Well, it’s that time of the year when spooky tales and fancy costumes , so enjoy this short clip, the pilot episode of an animated series (yet yo produce) called Gotchi & Dootchi.
Gotchi and Dootchi are just regular weird guys living their regular weird lives. In this [...]

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SUN LIMET – Magik Circus

Ladies and gentlemen…

Sometimes, the genie in a magic lamp had to go one step further to fulfill his master’s desire of working in a circus.
A delightful short movie, realized by Sun Limet at Planktoon. Music and sound by Jean-Christophe Bork and David Chochoi.
Animation by: Fabrice Senia, Pierre Collet, Sy-Pheng Li and Alexandre Henri. Lighting: Elliot [...]

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