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Our Choice: Deforestation

A short story about deforestation taking place in the jungle. Created by Dewi Mariam and Christian Whiticar.

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The Greek Crisis Explained, Episode 1

The short film is the work of the team at Greek studio Nomint: Marilena Vatseri, Manos Gerogiannis, Christos Lefakis and Yannis Konstantinidis wrote, directed and animated.

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Charter Communications: Love

The spot has been designed and directed by Matt Smithson AKA Man vs Magnet; and it was produced by Meg Donohoe at Curious Pictures. Flash animations byArthur Metcalf. Compositing and animation by Jess Mireau, David Soto and Dale Clowdis.

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DYLAN RALKE – The Replacement

The Replacement is a short film by Dylan Ralke who is a student of the DMT at the Red River College.

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Coca Cola: Big Splash

An eye candy piece of commercial directed by Stylewar and produced at Stink. Editor: Joakim Piedras at Stopp. Post Production: Swiss. Creative Agency: Ogilvy Argentina. The song is What a Wonderful World, as sung by Joey Ramone.

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Buzz – Mars, the Bringer of War

A beautiful animation set in the space between the Earth and Mars, a space inhabited by mysterious creatures whose intentions are not perfectly clear.

Buzz is a chamber music brass quintet comprised of Frédéric Gagnon, Sylvain Lapointe, Pascal Lafrenière, Jason De Carufel, Sylvain Arseneau. Buzz and organist Mélanie Barney recorded a version of Gustav Holst’s The Planets arranged by Enrico O. Dastous.

The video has been directed and animated by Rémy Larochelle and produced at Aviva with the help of Musication.

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A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

A funny flip book animation (not) about the history of the life, the universe and everything, with the compulsory Terry Gilliam reference in the end.

The short is the work of Jamie Bell AKA Displeased Eskimo, and has been quite popular since being posted on Youtube one month ago.

The music is the galop infernal from Jacques Offenbach’s operetta Orpheus in the Underworld, also known as just “the can can”.

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MTV: Los Premios 3009

…traveling in a beautiful land of dream with flying orbs and scantly clad women.

The teaser for the 2009 Latin American edition of the MTV Awards, held in Bogota, has been produced at Peppermelon. Directed by Tomas Garcia. Editor and executive producer: Fernando Sarmiento. Music and sound design: David Kamp.

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When luck turns her back on Maurice, the greatest cannonball man, there’s nothing he can do to change it and save the day. The fate, in the form of a pink elephant, will have its victory.

Tachaaan is a short animated movie by Rafael Cano AKA Rafiki, Carlos del Olmo and Miguel A. Bellot, three students of the Pepe-School-Land.

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Adelaide Airport: Panda Venture

They’re wild!
They’re mysterious!
They’re the wild and mysterious panda bears!

Win a trip to China and save the pandas from extinction! No? Ok, get extinct with them, then!
A television commercial featuring 1950s Fleischer styled 2D animation, produced at PRA.
Directed by: James Calvert. Advertising Agency: Jamshop.

Vinci un viaggio in Cina e salva i panda dall’estinzione! No? Allora estinguiti [...]

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ASTEROKID – Galactic Mail

Space age delivery men from FedEx and UPS embark on an interplanetary space race (SLASH American football match) to deliver a special package.
A short film directed by Asterokid (AKA Douglas Lassance) and produced by Stephen Venning at The Mill.
Design, animation, life, the universe and everything by Douglas Lassance and Motraboy (AKA Jonathan Vuillemin).
Music by Resonate [...]

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IMPACTIST – Parallelostory

Tutto sarebbe avvenuto da un momento all’altro…

A parallel love story that goes beyond physical limits and dimensions. Italo Calvino would like it.
Images and audio created by Impactist, that is Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing.
The title of the song is: Cup of Water Crying (Multiverse Edit), from Impactist’s EP, Color Fields & Wagon Wheels.
Storia d’amore “parallela” [...]

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RANSOM RIGGS – Portable Living Room

Hi Grandma!

“When a young boy (Justin Marco) finds himself stuck at Grandma (Phyllis Friedel) house for the weekend, there’s only one way out”: the hallucinogenic power of granny’s feet.
Written and directed by Ransom Riggs. Produced by Soo Hugh and Kenneth Segna. Production design: Tom Lisowski.
Director of photography: Nelson Cragg. Editor: Tom Gould. Art direction: Natalie [...]

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THIAGO MAIA – All I Want for Christmas Is

…a green world.

A short christmas wish directed and animated by Thiago Maia, assisted by Zinnia Chown.
Voice over by the 2 years old Sofia Ruby Lancaster. Sound designed by Stephen Denton, recorded and mixed at Studio 17.
Breve messaggio augurale, diretto ed animato da Thiago Maia, assistito da Zinnia Chown.
La voce è di Sofia Ruby Lancaster, due [...]

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Playing for the Planet: Recycling


“One of a series of short films [...] created by Disney to introduce very young children to the idea of thinking more ecologically through play…”
Written, designed and directed by Grant Orchard and produced at Studio Aka.
“Uno di una serie di corti [...] creati da Disney per introdurre i bambini in tenera età ad un modo [...]

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