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Made for Each Other: Firesprite

I’ll take a look around

“Life can get a little complicated when you torch everything around you. So what’s a friendly little Fire sprite to do?”
The spot has been directed by Pistachios and produced at Blacklist.
Executive producers: Adina Sales and Aaron Kisner. Producers: Karen Lawler and Alexander Unick.
The song is East End Blues by Leon Jean-Marie, [...]

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Music is: Balloon

But one thing I’m missingis in your eyes.

“Sometimes music can be a barrier. Equally, it can lift us away from the trials and tribulations of the daily grind.”
Directed by Pistachios (Måns Swanberg) and produced at Blacklist. Creative agency: The Brooklyn Brothers.
The song is Eyes by the Rogue Wave.
“A volte la musica è una barriera. Ma [...]

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MTV Switch: Trees Breathing

Trees can’t reduce CO2 emissions alone.

And after the suicidal animals, I couldn’t help but posting this spot where “trees are shown panting heavily to visually demonstrate the effect of increased carbon emissions on the environment.”
It is part of last year MTV Switch campaign. Directed by Pistachios collective and produced at Blacklist. Creative Agency: Lowe Worldwide. [...]

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BULGARI – Curare

Arresting visuals, a good storyline, and some interesting music. What could you ask for more from a music video?
Bogdan Irkük, AKA Bulgari, AKA Kárpatja Bolgari, AKA The Bulgari Thundercat (and I could go on but I’m going to sleep in a couple of hours…) is a Bulgarian musician.
Curare is a song featured on The [...]

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Here’s another short movie featuring stuff flying around through an urban landscape, like Sometimes and Box. But that’s just the beginning of this trippy journey “through the Kosmos, witnessing the implosion of the universe and the birth of a god.”
The movie, directed by Måns Swanberg, has been animated and post produced at Pistachios. It is [...]

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